Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Infusing Oil

Today I started infusing several batches of oil with spices/herbs in order to use them as natural colorants in my soaps. It is a fun process and especially when seeing the finished colors!

Everything all ready to go . . . olive oil, cheesecloth, thread for tying the cheesecloth shut, three wide mouth quart jars, spices, and a scale

The olive oil measured into the jars, and the various spices measured and on top of cheesecloth squares (which in the next step, were tied into little 'bags' .) The spices used this time from left to right are: parsley powder, annatto seed powder, and paprika.

Ready to start infusing!

I use the heat method to begin with which is done by simply putting the jars into a pan of water and heating on low for several hours.

After being heated. I really like how the colors turned out! And especially 
the paprika (which is on the far right.)

Now I'll let them sit for awhile to darken a bit more (particularly the parsley oil), and then it will be time to use them in soaps!


  1. How fascinating to see that you are using such organic products to produce wonderful colour. Parsley is such a gorgeous green!

  2. Oh Sarah! That is SO cool! I hope you will show us the next steps too, right up until the finished soaps! I love it.

  3. Wow! That's fascinating! Can't wait to see the soap they make!

  4. It is, Elizabeth! And fun to be experimenting more with it. Hopefully the parsley infused oil will come through strong enough in the finished soap! I have read that natural greens are harder to produce in soap . . . it will be interesting to see what happens!

  5. Your comment made me smile, Rena! It’s been so fun to experiment with different natural colorants and rather surprising sometimes the brilliant colors one gets in the infused oils (though they will be much more muted when actually made into soap.) Yes, I plan on showing the next steps, too. :)

  6. It is, K. Family! And so fun to experiment with. I look forward to sharing about the soaps made with them!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. That is very interesting.
    I love reading your blog.:)

  8. Thank you for your comment, Salinn! I am glad that you enjoy reading. :) And you're welcome for sharing!


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