Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter Wonderland

We had our first significant snowfall of the season now! Winter weather advisories were in effect all day yesterday, and we had freezing rain in the morning which turned to rain during the day and then switched back to freezing rain in the evening and eventually to snow. When Leah and I stepped out the door to go get Willow and Dixie at milking time in the evening, large, beautiful flakes were falling from the sky and just beginning to cover the ground.

The temperature was hovering right around freezing, and the snow was a very wet and heavy snow. Beautiful to see! Yet not the best for chicken pen netting, etc. and especially with already having a coating of freezing rain on everything. So last night until around 11:00 pm (at which time the snow began to taper off), every hour Dad, Leah and I bundled up and went outdoors to brush the snow off of the rabbit hoop house and off of the netting of both chicken pens.

With it being quite outside of the norm, this was more of a late night adventure rather than work. :) We had a lot of fun together! Plus we were able to enjoy the snowfall at a time of day we don't usually. And last night, it was especially beautiful . . . the moon and the nearby city lights were lighting up the sky and reflecting off of the snow so much, that even though it was late and would typically be quite dark, it was instead so bright out that we could see all the way across our neighbor's pasture and beyond into the cropland behind the pasture.

During one of our ventures outdoors and after the 'work' was done, Leah and I stood out there for awhile and admired the beauty of God's creation and watched and listened to the snowflakes falling from the sky. It was so peaceful!

Morning dawned today with everything coated in a blanket of white . . . the sky was heavily overcast and a few tiny snowflakes could still be seen from time to time slowly drifting down from the sky. Morning chores were enjoyable, and it was fun to watch the goat's reactions to the snow! Some were indifferent, others saw it as something to play in, and a few were quite skeptical as to whether it was safe to walk on or not. :)

Once all of the animals were fed and watered, I went for a pleasant walk with my camera . . . .

Part of the rabbit shelter with the chicken coop to the right of it

Ebony peeking at me over the fence (she's one who thought the snow was for playing in. :)

Sienna wasn't so sure about the snow, though!

Four of the beehives . . . right after this photo was taken, I cleared all of the snow away from the entrances.

Some of the goats . . . Willow, Ebony, Sienna and Aspen

Coneflower seed heads covered in snow

Bright red berries on the burning bush

Looking out across our neighbor's pasture

I am very much enjoying the first significant snow of the season while it lasts! Which won't be for long as warmer temperatures are finally on their way . . . as in, nearly a whole week forecasted to be in the upper 30's and 40's!


  1. Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos! I loved seeing your goat Sienna, she looks very sweet. We have had a lot of snow here in NY too.

    May you have a blessed weekend!


  2. Beautiful photos, Sarah! Makes me think of Vermont - we don't have any snow here yet. Snow always reminds me of the promise in Isaiah 1:18 - "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool."

  3. You're welcome, Sarah! And thank you for your comment. :) Sienna is very sweet! One of the sweetest of our goats in fact.

    I hope that you had a blessed weekend as well!

  4. Thank you, Anna! Hopefully you all will get some snow soon. :)

    The verse you shared from Isaiah is such a beautiful one. Isn't it wonderful how so many things in God's creation are reminders to us of His many precious promises? Thank you for sharing this one! What great joy there is in knowing that in Christ, we are indeed washed as white as snow through His blood!

  5. Beautiful photos, Sarah.
    It WAS a pretty snow! :-)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)