Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Load of Hay

An afternoon this weekend, found my Dad and I headed out in the truck, pulling the trailer, and on our way to pick up more hay. It was a glorious day with a warm south wind and the temperature climbing all the way up to 66 degrees! 75 degrees warmer than what it had been less than a week before. :) It felt like spring!

It was a beautiful drive, and we had a wonderful time talking together 
on the way and enjoying the scenery.

A view from the front window

Once we arrived at the farm, Dad and the man we get our hay from talked for a bit before he loaded the bales onto our trailer . . .

Three big round bales which should last us until spring! While he loaded them, I enjoyed the beautiful view . . .

It was so pleasant being out there on the hill, gazing across the fields while the strong winds blew, and listening to all of the sounds including a tractor which was running in the distance (and one nearby, too, while our hay was loaded up. :)

After the hay was on the trailer, Dad strapped it down and meanwhile, we all talked about cattle, haying, farming, etc. The man we get our hay from raises cattle and sheep, and his children show their sheep, too. He's also using some aspects of the Management Intensive Grazing method which Dad is interested in as well so it made for some interesting and fun conversation!
Two horses grazing in a nearby pasture

The drive back was again an enjoyable one . . . I love times like this spent with my Dad!

Once we got home, I checked on the beehives, and all of them are still alive! With the weather being as warm as it was over the weekend, each hive was very busy with bees coming in and out at a fast pace, and it was encouraging to see how high the numbers were. 

I suited up and looked inside each of the hives (which the bees did not like!), and put more dry sugar on the tops of their inner covers as the bees had either eaten or removed a fair amount of the sugar. I was pleased to see that the sugar is doing well one of its jobs of absorbing excess moisture . . . it had turned into an almost candy-like consistency!

I think this is about the earliest in the year I have checked the hives before, and they seem to be doing really well . . . the bees look healthy, the hives are still heavy, and the numbers seem good . . . here's hoping all five will overwinter successfully!


  1. That is such positive news about your hives. It also sounds like precious times with your father. Enjoy the milder weather.

  2. What a lovely area you live in. It does seem as though the snow has gone now.

  3. Sarah...are y'all not able to get hay from your brother's fields this year?

    ~ Betsy

  4. It was, Suze! Now if they can just make it until spring. :)

    Yes, it was a precious time . . . I love spending time together with him!

  5. It is beautiful, Elizabeth! I am so thankful that we live where we do.

    Yes, the snow is almost all gone now . . . though I think there is some in the forecast again!

  6. We haven't hayed my brother's land for quite a few years now, Betsy, as he uses their land for rotational grazing with their sheep which has worked really well for them!


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)