Friday, January 3, 2014

Drive through the Countryside

The last day of 2013 found us all busy with various projects when my Dad spontaneously asked if we would like to go for a drive. That question was met with a resounding 'yes'! And somewhere along the line, the drive morphed into visiting a few antique stores along the way as well. :)

I love driving in the country . . . especially on out of the way roads with farms scattered throughout, rolling hills with cattle and horses grazing, and big old barns and farmhouses. It is always so restful and peaceful and puts me in somewhat of a nostalgic mood. While we didn't venture down any of these particular types of roads this time, I enjoyed our drive down in the river bottoms . . . another beautiful area.

The fields that not long ago were tall and green are empty now . . . quietly resting until spring discing and planting shall begin again . . . .

 Long lines of irrigation systems sitting in empty fields

I always enjoy seeing the old grain elevator in the distance! I believe, it sits right by where railroad tracks used to be. It makes one wonder what it would have been like when it was being used!

Crossing over the river

We had a wonderful time not only during the drive, but walking through the two antique stores we visited . . . admiring different pieces, wondering at some of them ("what could this possibly be?" :), and simply enjoying time together. One of these days I need to bring a camera along into the stores and give you all a taste as to what our antiquing ventures are like!


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Spending time with family is always such a blessing. Visiting antique shops is one of my favorite types of outings, second only to fabric shops. : )

    May you have a blessed day and New Year!


  2. Your photo reminds me of the sunflower fields in Southern France, irrigation was very important.

  3. LOL ~ I've asked myself the same question (what could this possibly be!) I'd love to see some pictures of your "finds". Maybe we could figure them out!
    Lovely photos ~ I like a nice drive in the country too.
    Stay warm :-)

  4. It was, Sarah! And yes, it is indeed.

    Visiting antique shops is one of my favorite types of outings, too. :)

    Thank you! I hope that you have a blessed New Year as well!

  5. Those fields must have been beautiful, Elizabeth! I can just imagine what they would look like in full bloom.

  6. I'll have to share some sometime, Mrs. Anne!

    Thank you. :) . . . drives through the country are indeed so nice!

    Hope you all are staying safe and warm and that your animals are all doing well through this cold weather!


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