Thursday, January 30, 2014

Little Bit of Farm Work

Our weather here has been rather predictable . . .

cold.cold.cold.cold.cold.cold.cold.warmer day.cold.cold.cold.cold.cold.cold.warmer day.cold.cold. . . .

You get the idea. :) Mostly cold, but with a few warmer days scattered in here and there. On the rarer warmer days (upper-30's and sometimes even up in the 50's!), we have been working on various outdoor projects, and this week, Leah and I were able to get a big one accomplished. And just in time, too, before very strong winds and cold temps once again made their entrance!

That project was removing all of the old, worn tarps and putting new ones on each of the three hoop houses in our does' pens. Easier said than done, and especially so with eight curious goats wanting to be right in on the action!

Ebony and Lily getting into trouble :) . . . this time they were chewing on my coat! I had gotten warm digging through frozen ground, so had hung my coat up on a fence post outside of the pen, but they could still reach it. Now the zipper pull tab has permanent goat teeth marks on it. :)

Between goats trying to eat the old tarps as we were taking them off, laying on and rolling on the new ones as we tried to unfold them and attach them to the cattle panels, jumping on our backs whenever we bent over, and putting their noses right down where we were trying to work, there was certainly a lot to keep us occupied and entertained! Leah and I laughed so much thanks to their many antics, but I have to say, when the goats decided play time was over and it was time to gather in the sunshine and lay down, we didn't mind at all. :) Our work progressed much faster at that point!

"What do you mean we're in your way?!"

It took quite a few hours to have all three hoop houses re-tarped, and we were glad once we were finally finished. Our hands especially so as twisting off the 100+ old hog nose clips that attached the old tarps and putting on new clips to attach the new tarps was rather tiring!

It felt so good, though, to be outdoors doing a bit of physical labor, and Leah and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. And I think the goats enjoyed all of the extra attention they got, too!


  1. Hilarious post, Sarah :)

    This is not quite the same as goats, but my cat is so interested in everything I do outside. It makes it much more fun, even when he gets in the way! So I kind of know what you mean… but still, it mustn't be terribly comfortable having a goat that size jump on your back! Do the hooves hurt?

  2. How funny that must have been! Goats are very curious creatures!

  3. Glad it was entertaining, Rena! :)

    How fun that your cat likes to be with you when working outdoors! It makes it more enjoyable having animals around, doesn't it?

    No, it wasn't terribly comfortable to have them jump on us! :) At least it was the smaller goats and not all four feet, but just the front ones!

  4. It was, Elizabeth! And yes, they certainly are!


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