Monday, January 20, 2014

Little Helper

All it takes is someone to start working in the kitchen, and Adelyn is right there, too! She'll go get 'her' chair, push it over to the counter or the sink, and help with whatever we are doing be it cooking, baking, or washing dishes. She especially loves helping with the dishes! 

Usually while I wash the bulk of the dishes, I'll give her a bowl and spoon as she likes to make 'soup' with the bubbles that she spoons out of the sink into her bowl. Then once the more breakable and sharp things are washed, I'll get her a rag, and she'll help me wash the rest of the dishes. She does such a good job, and we had so much fun together the day this photo was taken!


Gracen is getting to be quite a little helper, too, though it will be a little while yet before she'll be able to help with the dishes! She keeps us entertained with her sweet and adventurous little self such as here when she was trying to put her shoes on. :) She worked and worked and while she remained unsuccessful, she certainly had fun trying!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    They're both just adorable and are growing so fast! Playing in the sink with bubbles is lots of fun. :-) I know you are enjoying your time with them.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your sweet comment. It's always nice to hear from you.
    God bless,

  2. What sweet little nieces you have, Sarah! It's a blessing that they want to help, too :). Even though working with young ones always makes it take longer, that's certainly the best way (I have to remind myself of that sometimes)!

  3. I would agree, Mrs. Anne :) . . . and even more so in person!

    Adelyn certainly thinks playing with bubbles in the sink is fun! (Now that she has gotten over her fear of them that is. :)

    You're welcome! Likewise, it is always so nice to hear from you!

  4. They are very much so, Anna! I am so thankful for them! And yes, their helper hearts are a blessing.

    Working with little ones does make tasks take a bit longer generally, but it is so worth it!


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