Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Niobrara Farms on Facebook

To my blog readers who are on Facebook, I wanted to share with you that I now have a facebook page for my soap business Niobrara Farms! The page is in its beginning stages, and I have many plans for it and am excited to have it 'up and running' now.

So here is an invitation to you to visit and 'like' my page!



  1. Hi Sarah,

    I wanted to ask you, is there any specific soap that you use for your hands? I noticed that you said that you started to develop eczema in your hands. I recently moved north and I don't know what started it, but I started to develop it! I can't wash my hands, wash dishes or clean with soap (or other chemicals), without feeling a burning, itching and painful sensation. Besides that, my hands are red, dry and have cracks all the time, even though I use hand cream. Thank you for any input and I am sorry for the long post! :-) God bless you!


  2. Thank you for your question, Gabby! And I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with eczema! I can certainly sympathize with you. I do not believe that mine was as severe as yours as it wasn’t my entire hands, but was rough, red, very itchy patches on several of my fingers which would also get tiny, blister-like bumps. The eczema would flare up from time to time during the spring/summer months, but then I’d have it pretty much all through fall and winter. And I know what you mean about the burning/painful/itching sensation when washing! Not at all pleasant!

    Thankfully in my case, since switching to homemade soap and giving time for my hands to heal, my eczema has entirely cleared up and I have not had any more flare ups. The backs of my hands also used to get red, dry and would sometimes crack during the winter months, but I haven’t had this issue again either. I do put lotion on my hands several times a day, though, which helps too!

    The soap I first started using was both lavender and lavender/orange, and now I simply use whatever is in the soap dish (my family and I get all the soap loaf ends and all my experiments. :) Both the lavender bars and the peppermint/tea tree bar have especially good healing properties given the essential oils that are used, but as the peppermint/tea tree bar is an exfoliant, it would probably not be best to use regularly on hands (nor would the lavender/oatmeal.)

    I am sure there are those who have not found homemade soap to be effective with their eczema, but for me and many others that I know and have read about, it has been an incredible help! If you do try homemade soap, I hope it will be the same for you and that it will effectively heal your hands and keep the eczema from flaring up again!

    I hope that helps to answer your question, and if you have any more, please feel free to ask! :)

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question! I went for the lavender one. :-) I am excited to try it!

  4. You're very welcome, Gabby! I really hope it will be a help to you!

    A couple other things to try in order to help your hands heal is to wear gloves when washing dishes, etc., and then until they heal, put lotion or hand cream on them after each time you wash your hands. I did both of these things when trying to help my hands heal, and they seemed to really help!

    Again, I hope the soap is a help to you, and I'd love to hear how it works! Thank you!

  5. Having been privileged to use your soap, I can say how lovely it is, smooth and somehow comforting!


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