Saturday, January 25, 2014

Springtime on My Mind

As the cold winds have blown this week, it has been warm and cozy indoors and I have enjoyed starting to plan and prepare for my favorite season and one of my favorite activities . . . spring and vegetable gardening!

First I tallied up all of the remaining canned goods we have left and figured out how much we have used so far in order to have a better idea how much to plant of everything this year. Once that was finished, out came the boxes which contain all of our seeds, and I began going through them, writing down which varieties we had seeds left of and how many, what year they were from, and what varieties we were out of.

A jumble of various seed packets waiting to be sorted through

The list in progress

We were pleased overall this past year with the varieties we grew, so I'm not sure if we'll be trying any new ones this year or not. I did see a few in the new Baker Creek catalog that I might like to try!

A page in the seed catalog

While planning what to plant, paging through the seed catalog, and sorting seed packets, I found myself looking forward to spring even more! And things such as this . . . 

. . . plants growing in the garden again, green leaves on the trees, green grass, working in the garden, listening to the birds singing, harvesting produce, feeling the warm spring breezes . . . happy sigh. 

Yet the calender and the weather forecast remind me that all of this is still quite a ways off . . . so as this long winter continues, I'll simply continue to anticipate the wonderful season of spring! And will be preparing for it . . . once the seed order is finalized (which should be soon!), the seeds will be ordered; we'll begin starting seeds indoors late February/early March; and the first plants should be going in the garden mid to late March (as long as we don't have a late spring again, that is!)

And in the meantime, I'll try to be patient :), and will continue to be filling my days with the abundance of winter projects!


  1. Ah, spring! My second favorite season after summer :). I admire your garden and your planning and organization of it!

  2. Woops . . . don't know why I said my favorite season is summer! Make that fall :). Although, summer is a beautiful month (but a bit hot for me), too!

  3. We too look forward so much to the time when the garden is in full swing. Our seed orders are beginning to arrive now.

  4. Enjoy the plans and readying yourself for the busy times ahead. Sometimes I wish our winters were colder and slower. That is no comfort to those who are enduring this harsh winter. God bless.

  5. :-) "making garden inside"

  6. Fall is a wonderful season, Anna! It comes close to surpassing summer for me, but not quite. :)

    Thank you! It’s fun to plan and organize for it . . . it helps make spring not seem quite so far away!

  7. I am sure that you are, Elizabeth! How fun that your seed orders are beginning to arrive. Though I’m sure that makes you even more eager for spring! :)

  8. Thank you, Suze! And I am. :) I am also trying to make sure I fully appreciate and make use of our long, cold winter! Which is easier said than done sometimes. :)

  9. Yes, indeed, Mrs. Anne! Isn't it fun?! And it helps to satisfy that spring craving just a bit! :)


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