Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate Tonight - Watch Live!

In case you all haven't heard yet, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis will be debating Bill Nye 'the Science Guy' tonight regarding creation/evolution. And . . . it can be watched live online! 


This debate has been garnering a huge amount of attention, and my hope and prayer is that those watching who believe in evolution, would see that evolution is not the answer to origins . . . but instead that the historical account of creation that God the Creator gave in His Word, the Bible, is true and that science doesn’t contradict it, but actually supports it.

I am really looking forward to watching this debate . . . it should be excellent! 

To watch the debate live, simply follow this link . . .


  1. We were away last night so I didn't get to see it live, but I'm hoping to get an opportunity to watch it soon! How was it?

  2. Have you had opportunity to watch the debate yet, Anna? If so, I would be interested to hear what you think! I am hoping to watch it again while it is still available online.

    As far as my thoughts on it, I thought overall it was very good! I really enjoyed watching it, and I thought Ken Ham's opening 30 minute presentation was excellent. I was also so glad that he took as many opportunities as he did to share the gospel throughout the debate!

    There are some things that I wish would have been addressed in the debate such as regarding Bill Nye's repeated claims about the Bible being an outdated book, etc. . . . I really wish Ken Ham would have been able to address this and defend the infallibility of the Bible. It is such an extensive topic, though, it would have been difficult to do so in that format and in the amount of time they had!

    I think it would also have been good to state very clearly how nothing in observational science contradicts the Bible, but actually supports it; and then to quickly share examples of that. But then on the other hand, all the evidence in the world is very unlikely to convince an evolutionist of the truth of creation since one's worldview influences how they interpret the scientific evidence - first they need to realize that their starting point is in error. Which is one reason why I really appreciated how often Ken Ham upheld the authority of the Bible and the absolute necessity of it being the foundation and starting point. He made some excellent points regarding worldviews!

    Another thing I really appreciated and thought was an excellent response by Ken Ham was when in answer to two questions from the audience, Bill Nye 'didn't know' where consciousness or matter (or was it atoms? - I can't remember!) came from, but when it was Ken Ham's turn to answer the question, he responded with something like: 'Well, Bill, there is a book that tells about that . . .' Such a good answer! Yes, we have the answers from the only One who was there and the One who created it all . . . answers that are inspired and true and supported by science.

    One more area that was touched on, but seemed like it would have been good to expand on further and really press Bill Nye to address was regarding the consciousness, laws of logic, morality, etc. . . . if evolution is true, where did these come from? The format of the debate, though, made it difficult to address or respond to everything! If only it could have been about 5 hours or so. :)

    Overall, I think Ken Ham did a very good job, and I hope that those who believe in evolution were challenged or at least curious enough to question evolution and investigate further. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts!

    Another creation ministry that I really appreciate did a post-debate analysis which is excellent. In it, they did directly address and answer many of the claims and challenges that Bill Nye made showing clearly that observational science does indeed support the Scriptures! (This is also something that would have been very good to have been a part of the debate!) If you were interested in that article, it can be found here:


  3. I (we) have not had the opportunity to watch it yet (maybe if we keep talking about how we want to then we will one of these days! :).

    I agree that it would be hard to cover so much in a 2.5 hour debate! I’m glad to hear that Ken used the opportunity to present the gospel. I don’t agree with people (ones who call themselves Christians) who think that we should keep the gospel out of a debate like this. After all, that is the most essential part of what we believe, and it shouldn't be left out of anything we do! I would agree that one thing that is always good (and interesting!) to call evolutionists to is the area of "consciousness, laws of logic, morality, etc."

    Have you ever seen Ray Comfort's movie "Evolution vs. God"? If you have and would be willing to share, I would love to hear what you thought about it.

    I glanced at the article that you shared and it looks very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading through the whole thing, although I may wait until after I watch the debate. Thank you for the thoughts that you shared, and I'll let you know what I think after I watch it!

  4. Thank you for sharing all that you did, Anna! And yes, I would agree about the point you made that we cannot leave the gospel out of a debate like this. It truly is the heart of what we believe and is intricately connected with creation, the fall of man, and the consequences of that.

    No, I haven't see the movie you mentioned, but I have heard good things about it. I would like to watch it!

    Yes, it probably would be best to read the article after watching the debate. :) It would be a little easier to follow that way!

    You're welcome! And I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  5. We watched Ray Comfort's "Evolution vs. God" about a year ago and I highly recommend it. He interviewed a lot of atheists and agnostics and, among other topics, brought up the question about where morality came from if there is no God. Very insightful!


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