Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Books, Books and more Books!

As this long, cold winter continues to stretch on, I've been enjoying breaking up the monotony a bit by doing some things that are a little out of the ordinary . . . such as pulling out all of my books, sorting them by category, and then seeing if there were any that I did not want to keep. As one who loves books, a project like this was so much fun!

Due to lack of bookshelf room, a large portion of my books are stored wherever I can find a place to put them . . . piled in stacks underneath the table on which my computer and printer sit and in a previously empty desk drawer to name a few . . . .

History, reference, and more

More history, science, and readers

While I was going through books, my Mom came up at one point and when seeing piles of books spread out in a circle around me, she stopped to enjoy looking at some of them. At one point, she made the comment that with the variety and number of books I have, there's enough there to provide nearly all of the materials one would need to homeschool through 2nd or 3rd grade! And if I never have opportunity to do that myself, I'll certainly have a lot of books to share with others. :)

Once I had gone through all the books and had a small stack of ones to get rid of, I put back the ones to keep . . . only to remember that quite a few of them hadn't been added to my book list yet! (I keep a running list so when I am at book sales, etc., I'll be able to quickly see what I already have.) So out came all of the stacks again and after a bit of work, all of the titles are now on the book list. 

Part of two shelves on my bookcase (and where I keep most of my antique books)

Out of curiosity, I counted up how many books I have, and the grand total (as long as I didn't miscount!) was 643 books. I didn't realize I had that many! And given the fact that I still have a long list of books I would like to add to my collection (mostly antique fiction, Lamplighter books, and scriptural/spiritual reference books) that number will likely be increasing. :)

Part of the other two shelves on my bookcase

Once all of that was done, I updated "The Bookshelf" page on my blog . . . while it doesn't include anywhere near all of the books on it, it has most of my favorites and ones I would recommend!


  1. I wish you could sort out MY book shelf as well! Don't suppose you feel like popping over to the UK for that!
    Looks great in the 'after' pics.
    You certainly are a book -lover :)

    The winter feels long, doesn't it?
    But this sort of activity is just the thing to while it away.

  2. What a delightfully fun project, Sarah! And to think, you have the cold and snow to thank for it!:-) It sounds so wonderful to go through books, organizing and categorizing, reading and reminiscing. Based on the titles and quantities, I would imagine you have quite enough to homeschool beyond just 2nd or 3rd grade! You have a lovely legacy to pass on.

    ~ Betsy

  3. I have recently done much the same, now that we are living in a much smaller house. Some of my books went off to a second hand book shop run by the National Trust, so I know that they will be earning a little for their funds.
    But.... I don't like parting with any books really!

  4. I'm seeing many familiar titles.:-)
    I don't like parting with my books. A couple years ago, I weeded out a few and gave them to the church library, and on occasion, I've found myself looking for one or two that I gave away. :-) Your shelves look nice.

  5. Ahhh! I would be in book heaven with all those books! :-D Also, I am loving your soap! It's just lovely. Thank you!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    I too love books, although I've not added to my collection since our move to Montana. When we were packing up to move, I purged and donated over 300 titles, just so I wouldn't have to pay the movers to move them across country.

  7. Oh, I just love these book shelves. I grew up reading the Landmark Histories and we used them for our children's homeschooling. Books are like old friends, aren't they?

  8. 643 books???!!!! Wow! That's a lot! I have lots of books too but pretty sure it doesn't even come close as yours! :) maybe you should start opening a library for your family, friends, neighbours, etc. to come borrow them.

  9. Oh Wow!! I am a bit of a antique hardcover book snob, so seeing yours is pure eye candy;-) YES, I judge a book by its cover. You have a wonderful collection. I have been downsizing my book collection more for lack of space than desire....must be why I keep bringing more in after each declutter session. LOL.
    blessings, jill
    hopped over from granny's square

  10. That would be fun, Alexandra! I love looking at books. Too bad the UK is so far away!

    The winter does indeed feel long . . . and it keeps going and going and going. I guess we’ll be that much more appreciative of spring once it does finally arrive!

  11. It was, Betsy! Yes, there are quite a few books for grades beyond 2nd and 3rd as well, though just not as well rounded as for the younger grades. Most of my books I have for older grades are for history and not much else!

  12. How fun, Elizabeth! I am sure those who picked up your books at the second hand book shop are enjoying their new treasures.

    It is hard parting with books! This time the only ones I let go of were ones that I didn’t really care for so that makes it easier!

  13. That’s neat, Mrs. Anne! We must have similar tastes. (:

    I don’t like parting with books either . . . they almost seem like old friends! This time, though, it was just books that I didn’t really care for so that makes it easier.

    Thank you!

  14. Your comment made me smile, Gabby! And I’m so glad that you are enjoying your soap. I had been wondering how it was working for you so was glad to read your comment! Thank you for letting me know, and you’re welcome!

  15. That is quite the book purge, Mrs. B! It would have been so fun to look through all of those. I am sure it was hard to let them go, though, but it would make moving a lot easier without them!

  16. They are, Homeschool Mom! That’s neat that you grew up reading the Landmark Histories and used them for homeschooling. We hadn’t even heard of them until my siblings and I were finished being homeschooled – it would have made history more fun if we had!

  17. It is a lot, Leah! Though quite a few of those are little children’s books, and it doesn’t take long for those to add up. :)

    I actually do loan out books sometimes if anyone wants to borrow them. :) It's nice to be able to share them with others!

  18. Welcome to my blog, Jill, and thank you for your comment! Oh . . . another antique hardcover book lover! There’s just something so captivating about the beautiful covers and pages, isn’t there?

    I don’t envy you downsizing your book collection due to lack of space . . . it’s always hard to get rid of books!

  19. I had to order a copy of Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys after seeing your copy. We read ours for Vermont state history. A required subject. :)

  20. That's neat that you did that, Nikki! If you haven't yet read it, if I am remembering correctly, there were a couple of questionable things in it (I simply whited them out :). Besides that, though, it was quite an interesting book!

    Enjoy studying your state's history!


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