Monday, February 3, 2014

Emily's Quilt

Last week, my last sewing student finished her last project! Or at least, finished it to the point that she can bring it home to do the remaining bit of handsewing. :)

She worked so diligently and patiently over this past year, and
 the result of her efforts was definitely worth it . . .

Her first twin sized quilt! Each of the hearts is hand appliqued on, and then the entire quilt is machine quilted. You can imagine her dedication when considering all of the many, many hours she put into this project! We had fun working on the quilt together, and I am so happy with how she did and how her quilt turned out. And she is, too. :)

It was somewhat bittersweet, though, as with the completion of her quilt, it also marked the end of my teaching sewing lessons. As I had prepared to enter into the year 2014, I had realized that I needed to cut back on some things. When evaluating everything with my family, teaching sewing lessons was one of those things that I decided to let go of. 

I didn't realize until thinking about it over the past few weeks, that I have been teaching sewing for 10 years now!  It was a joy working with each of my special students over those years, and I have many good memories of our times together. It was also a wonderful experience, and I learned so much through it! So at least for now, I am a 'retired' sewing teacher. :)


  1. That's a beautiful quilt!

  2. You have taught her well, Sarah. No wonder she looks so happy with that lovely quilt. She will have learned so much to take away with her.

  3. It is a wonderful achievement. Enjoy the newest phase of your life.

  4. Isn't it, though, Mrs. Anne?! She did such a wonderful job making it!

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth! She was an excellent student to work with as she worked so hard and diligently and was a 'natural' at sewing. :)

  6. It was, Suze! I am so happy for her.

    And thank you! :)

  7. She must be a natural at sewing! :)
    I wonder at what age it is realistic for a young lady to be able to achieve this?

  8. She is, Mrs. R! Plus she's one determined girl. :)

    Hmm . . . I'm not really sure the answer to that question! I myself started teaching myself to quilt when I was in my late teens, and this student is 14. I think that other young ladies (likely anywhere in their teens) who already had the basic sewing skills, would find it to be realistic for them to do a project like this. It's not as hard as it looks! Just time consuming and a good exercise in patience and learning to working carefully. :)


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