Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kidding Times Two!

I could hardly have asked for a better start to this week . . . beautiful weather with highs in the 60's and 70's (which I thoroughly enjoyed!) and during which time, both of my does decided to kid - each on the morning of their due date.

Aurora was first, and she kindly waited to start labor until right after Leah and I were up and ready for the day (save for breakfast. :) Unlike last year, her labor went fairly slowly . . . and like last year, she became extremely affectionate which I always enjoy since she usually doesn't care much for being petted at any other time!

Her kidding went smoothly and while the kids weren't presented perfectly (one had a leg back and the other's head was twisted sideways a bit), she didn't have any difficulty which was nice!

The first buckling

Both of her kids were bucklings (which I was a just a little disappointed about - I was hoping for at least one doeing from her!), and they are healthy, rambunctious, and super cute. :)

Almost all dried off and waiting for little brother to make his entrance

Aurora with both of her bucklings

Her kidding over, both bucklings looking great and nursing on their own, Aurora being the excellent mother that she is . . . everything was going perfectly! Or so we thought.

A few hours later, though, Aurora was acting like she was rejecting her kids, she wouldn't let them come anywhere near her, was acting scared of them, and definitely wouldn't let them nurse. I posted on a goat forum for advice, and the responses all said about the same: it is likely due to her being in pain (from contracting/expelling the afterbirth) and to just tie her periodically, hold a back leg up, let the kids nurse, and hopefully she would accept them back. 

So throughout the day, we forcibly held her and let her kids nurse. It wasn't an easy task as Aurora was not happy about it! My Dad would hold her by her horns and pin her body against the stall wall, I would hold up one of her back legs, and Leah would help the kids and would pull them away if Aurora got too feisty. And so went our day.

Until evening when I went out to check on them and saw that Aurora was tentatively sniffing one of the kids and following it around. I watched with bated breath, hoping . . . and before long, she started nuzzling it and bleating softly. A few moments later, the kid ran up and started nursing! I slowly went into the stall hoping not to distract her and brought the other little guy over to her so he could nurse as well.

After observing them for a bit, I could see that Aurora was back to being the amazing mama goat that she has been in the past which I was relieved for!

After a good nights sleep, we had a repeat the next morning: as soon as Leah and I were up and ready for the day (though yet again before breakfast!), Dixie started labor. Hers was faster, went very smoothly, and both of her kids had perfect presentations. And . . . they were both beautiful doelings! I was excited about that!

The first doeling just beginning to figure out how to stand - it's so fun to watch this!

The second doeling getting all cleaned up right after entering the world

So that was how our week began. :) No matter how many times I see the births, I don't think I will ever tire of it . . . there is something so . . . amazing and beautiful . . . about seeing new life entering the world. To hear that first gasp for air, the first tiny bleat, the first wobbly step, to see how God has so amazingly designed His creatures with the instincts that they need to survive, and more.

Aren't they adorable?! The one in the back looks a lot like her sire, and the one in the front is going to look like Dixie, I think.

It was so nice to have two smooth kiddings, have the mamas healthy and able to care for their kids on their own (no bottle feeding!), and we are loving the little goat kids. All of them are very sweet! And they're just starting to explore more and be a little more energetic which makes it especially fun to watch them.

Now today another exciting thing is happening . . . and I'll post about that soon!


  1. What excitement! You must have been very worried about the refusal to nurse the babies, but all went well in the end.

  2. What a happy tale even though you had to work consistently to help the first kids. I hope all the births go smoothly and you have an especially successfully spring.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely moments and pictures :-)

  4. The kids are so cute! I am glad that everything turned out well.

  5. Exciting! I'm partial to that first little doeling. She's a cutie. :-)
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Just beautiful! And the constant miracle of birth really is so assuring. Looking forward to the next exciting thing!

    My sympathy and hugs to you for your loss of your Grandpa. I read the post before but found it hard to know what to say.

    All the best, and thanks again for sharing :)

  7. Yes indeed, Elizabeth! And yes, we were a bit worried . . . if she didn't accept them, things would have been much more complicated with caring for them so we were relieved when she began to let them nurse again!

  8. It is, Suze! We were thankful for two smooth kiddings, and both mamas and babies are doing so well. Our last doe to kid looks like she'll be going today so hopefully all will go just as well for her!

    Aww, thank you!

  9. You're welcome, Helen! I'm glad you enjoyed them. (:

  10. I am, too, Anna! If it's possible, they are even cuter now. :) They're getting rather playful, too, which makes it even more fun!

  11. She is cute, Mrs. Anne! I love her color pattern.

    Thank you. :) I hope you have a wonderful day as well!

  12. It is, Rena! The next exciting thing should be posted about today so stay tuned. :)

    Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy. I/we appreciate them!

    You're welcome for sharing!


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