Monday, March 17, 2014


As mentioned in my last post, something exciting was happening last Wednesday! It was the day that Leah was going to be getting her puppy, and she, Dad, and Mom drove down to southern Missouri to pick her up from the breeder (since one of Dixie's kids was still not nursing without assistance, I needed to stay home.)

They had a wonderful time, enjoyed a tour of the breeder's place and saw their dogs, and came home with this little sweetheart . . .

Kymber snuggled on Leah's shoulder

Isn't she adorable?

Leah and Kymber

The first day she was quite shy and timid, but now her personality has really been showing itself and she has started to bond with us and especially Leah.

She is a playful little puppy and so fun to watch! And to snuggle with. :)
Her current favorite activities are:

-- Sleeping

-- Chewing on things 
(she's starting to figure out now that hands, feet, and clothing are not chew toys!)
-- Exploring outside

Outside is her very favorite place to be

-- being with/by people

-- and looking cute
(which she does quite well)

 She certainly has added a new and fun element to life right now!


  1. She is sweet! She has a teddy-bear look about her! I'm not sure what breed she is?

  2. Aww! Kymber is so cute! I especially love the first picture of Kymber snuggly with Leah.

    And your kiddies are so cute too on the last post you wrote.

  3. Awwww that's a heart-meltingly gorgeous post! ♥

    I like the name Kymber, too.

    You have heaps of babies on your farm!

  4. She is so cuddlesome. I love dogs. I wish you a long and joy filled time together.

  5. That is something exciting! I am rather picky when it comes to dogs, but I would certainly say that Kymber is one of the cutest puppies I've seen! She has such an sweet little face. :)

  6. We thought she looked like a little bear, too, Elizabeth! She is an Akita which is one of my sister’s favorite dog breeds.

  7. She is, isn't she?! That was my favorite photo as well, Leah. When being held, Kymber likes to give ‘hugs’ by wrapping her leg(s) around your arm, shoulder, or whatever is within her reach. It is so cute!

    Aww, thanks! I think so, too. :)

  8. Your comment made me smile, Rena! She’s a little sweetheart, and her name fits her perfectly. There was another name that Leah was considering, too, but as soon as Leah got her, we all knew she was a ‘Kymber’!

    Yes, lots of babies here! And more that I haven’t even posted about yet. :)

  9. She is that, Suze! Aww, thank you. :)

  10. It is, Anna! You sound like me when it comes to dogs. There are very few breeds that I would say that I truly like, and Akitas are now one of them. :)

    I would agree, she is very cute!

  11. Here I am again, I found the puppy details. What an adorable cutie! My girls don't have too many dog photos on their blog of our Akita. I have enjoyed these.
    Mom of the Singers


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