Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Family Birdwatching Outing

After a very busily full week of outdoor work and more, we were all ready for a relaxing Saturday this past weekend! We loaded up the truck with binoculars, bird books, the spotting scope and tripod, cameras, and a cooler with drinks and then headed to one of our favorite conservation areas.

One of the pools with a few Shovelers out on it . . . the trees are finally beginning to get a tinge of green to them!

This was our first time birding with the spotting scope, and it was so fun to use! Especially when there were groups of shorebirds . . . with the scope, we were able to see them in great detail and identify them. Pectoral Sandpiper and Black-bellied Plover were the two species we had the treat of seeing other than the typical Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.

Leah looking through the spotting scope

Leah took this photo of me photographing the below . . .

The flowers on this tree were beautiful!

Looking out across one of the bodies of water towards the bluffs.

Leah and Mom looking through the scope at the Black-Bellied Plovers. It took a bit for us to identify these as they were still in their winter plumage, though were just beginning to transition. If it weren't for the scope, we wouldn't have had a clue!

A pair of American White Pelicans flying over

It won't be long before this scene will be full of green! (other than the water and sky that is. :)

A path along the treeline that I walked a ways down which was so pleasant

Looking back towards the truck where Dad and Leah were scanning the water for birds

A little Western Painted turtle that was crossing the road

 Dad picked him up so I could photograph the beautiful shell underneath (which is called a Plastron.)

It was a delightful Saturday, and we're already looking forward to going back once things green up a bit more and there are more bird species migrating through!


  1. Such a beautiful area to explore. I have never seen anything quite like the turtle's shell, it reminds me of an ancient cave painting.

  2. Oh that looks like such a relaxing and wonderful time! I love bird watching too, but haven't done something like that for years! I'm so glad you were able to go out and enjoy God's beautiful creation! :)

  3. It is, Elizabeth! The turtle's shell is amazing isn't it? Yet another testament to the design and wisdom of the One who created it!

  4. It was, Sarah! That is wonderful that you enjoy bird watching as well. It is always fun to see both new and 'old' species! And yes, to enjoy the beauty in God's creation. It's always so refreshing!

    Maybe this spring you will have opportunity to enjoy birdwatching some as well!

  5. Beautiful photos, Sarah! And it looks like you had a lovely day together!

  6. Thank you, Joy! And yes, we certainly did!


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