Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring on Our Homestead

This past week, I have been thoroughly enjoying my favorite season and these glorious spring days! 

It was so nice to be able to spend a lot of time outdoors in the beautiful sunshine, warm breezes, and with spring awakening all around. It was also really nice being able to cross many things off of my to-do list! Such as . . .

-- tilling a large portion of the vegetable garden twice
(which was easier said than done! The ground was still quite wet making it difficult to till the first time . . . but it needed to be done as things had to get planted and more rain is on the way.)

In the process of tilling (once it was tilled, the ground began drying out quickly thanks to the wind.) It was so nice to finally get started on the garden!

-- planting over 230 onion plants, around 60 broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants which I had started from seed, and then 13 lbs of seed potatoes with my Mom and Leah (which was fun to do together!)

The onions

One of the cabbage plants

-- making raised beds for carrots that are yet to be planted

The carrot beds

-- and doing the first full beehive inspections of the season with my Dad . . . it was exciting to see that all five of the hives look great and are building up quickly. Here’s hoping we have another great honey year!

Last evening I took a walk in the beautiful evening sunlight and captured the below photos (as well as the ones above save for the tilling one) which give a glimpse into the awakening spring here . . .

I love seeing the cheery daffodils!

Some of our Boers out grazing while the sun lit everything up with its rich, golden rays and slowly sank below the horizon

One of Aurora's bucklings . . . he is really sweet!

Rhubarb growing

 The apple trees are beginning to leaf out!

This doesn't look like much (yet :), but it is the new strawberry bed which I planted and mulched last weekend. 25 Everbearers are planted on the left side of the cedar logs, and 25 June Bearers are planted on the right.

One of the growing strawberry plants

A bunch of daffodils growing in our yard

Leah was out playing with Kymber while I was photographing so I snapped this one of her. She's grown a lot since I last shared photos of her, hasn't she?!

The current chicken coop soon to be milking barn with the hens out in front, and our dairy does and their kids in the pen behind them

 Willow with her two bucklings (and the doeling was curled up right behind her, too)

It has certainly been a wonderful week!


  1. What a busy week! I loved the photo of the goats in the misty sun.
    You certainly have planted so much, Sarah, and I'm sure you will have a good harvest. Our early potatoes are just beginning to come up....but I grow them in big tubs as we don't have the room for a huge vegetable garden here.

  2. How joyful to spend time with nature and watching the spring emerge.

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed that photo, Elizabeth! It was my favorite of all of these. :)

    That is exiting that your early potatoes are coming up! What a great idea to grow them in tubs to save on space. It is amazing how much produce one can grow in a small area with just a bit of innovation. I hope they produce well for you!

  4. It was indeed, Suze . . . I love this time of year!

  5. Your garden is beautiful! :-)

  6. I noticed you have a puppy that perhaps is an Akita? If so, we have one too! He's two years old, but very similar to your pup. Pinto coloring and all. Nice to see others with these wonderful dogs. This is our second Akita, the other we had for 12 years. What's your story? I didn't look for other photos of her yet on your blog, but what a cutie!
    Mom of the Singers


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