Sunday, May 11, 2014

Branson Trip Part 1

 Leah and I had been looking forward to the Worldview Weekend Conference for months, and finally the week of it arrived! Some friends of ours were going down early so Leah and I did as well in order that we could all spend some time together before the conference.

With strong storms looming in the west the morning we were going to leave, we left as soon as we could in order to try to beat them. And we managed to just miss them!

The dark sky to the west

Leah and I had a really fun drive down . . . sister time is always special! Once we arrived in Branson, we met our friends at our hotel and then headed to a park for a picnic and walk. It was forecast to rain this day, but thankfully it held off until evening allowing us to have a wonderful afternoon outdoors together . . .

Dave, Emily and Laura walking down the boat dock

The point where we had our picnic lunch . . . we had a beautiful view!

Getting ready for our picnic
Laura, Dave, Tim and Leah

A friend of theirs was able to join us for the afternoon as well, and after we had all eaten, we went for a walk along the lake. It was so nice to have this time to visit and catch up a bit! Plus it was a beautiful place as well.

(Photo by Laura)

Eventually the path went by the Branson Belle Showboat . . .

All of us . . . Nathan, Tim, Dave, Laura, Me, Leah and Emily
(photo courtesy of a kind lady who offered to take this for us.)

The showboat

Laura, Emily and Leah

Nathan, Tim, Laura, Leah, Emily and Dave


Checking to see if the showboat actually went out on the water or not

A view of the side of one of the shops

Leah and Emily - best of friends!

Nathan, Tim, Dave and Emily looking out across the water

Leah and Laura visiting as we headed back

A view of the lake through the trees

We stopped here for quite awhile and had a wonderful time! I love open water and with the wind blowing and the waves rolling in, it was a delight to enjoy as well as photograph.

Laura enjoying the wind and waves

(Photo by Laura)

Dave, Nathan, and Tim

A really neat tree stump on the bank

Looking at various rocks
Leah, Laura, Dave, Emily, Nathan and Tim

In the evening, we all went to downtown Branson to see the fountain show. Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived, it started raining. We took refuge under one of the store awnings and managed to have quite a fun time despite the rain!

The fountain show in progress . . . it was interesting how well synchronized the flames and fountains were to the music that was playing

All of us girls a little wet and windblown, but having a lot of fun together!
(photo by Laura) 

A straight on view of the fountains that Laura took as we were leaving

When the show was nearing it's end, we walked to a sub shop nearby for dinner and spent quite a bit of time there talking about many different topics . . . one thing I love whenever we get together with these friends is how our conversations so often turn to spiritual things and encouraging and building one another up in our walks with Christ. I found myself so encouraged and inspired by the evenings end! And it was a rather late one, as after we got back to our hotel, we girls stayed up until after midnight talking. :)

And thus ended our first full and fun day in Branson! Part 2 will be coming soon . . . .


  1. Linda Andrews SmithMay 11, 2014

    Sarah what fun. My husband and I have walked that trail and love looking at the water and how quite it usually is. We only live an hour from Branson and go often and would have been so great to have seen you there. Sometime when you and your family want to come down get in touch with me as we would love to have lunch or something. We have a big house and it is just the two of us, would enjoy just visiting with your whole family.

  2. What a beautiful place. The point where you had the picnic is so similar to some of our Cornish beaches.

  3. Oh it looks so wonderful. I am so pleased you were able to spend some time with some friends. I look forward to part 2 as it is highly unlikely I will every travel to the USA.

  4. Sarah I really enjoyed all that. I read it a few days ago, and have gone back thinking about it quite a bit since. Your friends look like our friends :) i.e. same standards etc. It's heartening to see it.

    I look forward to Part 2 as well! Also, I hope it's not intrusive of me to say so, but I really like Leah's hair up like that, it suits her beautifully!

  5. How neat that you have been there as well, Linda! Too bad I didn’t know how close you were to there as it would have been nice to have met you! Maybe next time. :) Thanks so much for the invitation! I know that we would enjoy that!

  6. It was, Elizabeth! I can see the similarities between the two places what with the rocks and all . . . so beautiful.

  7. It was very much so, Suze! We were thankful for the time that we were able to enjoy with them . . . it was one fun week! Part 2 should be coming soon and I hope you enjoy seeing more of our beautiful state of Missouri here in the USA!

  8. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Rena! It’s a blessing having friends with similar standards and beliefs, isn’t it? We are thankful for all of ours!

    As I shared with Suze, part 2 should be coming soon.

    Aww, that is sweet of you to say! I shared that with her, and she appreciated your kind words!


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