Thursday, June 5, 2014

Family Outing to a Conservation Area

Back in May for my Mom's birthday, we took a family outing to one of our favorite conservation areas and had a wonderful time! As usual. :) While the place is a drive through, we spent more time walking I think than driving as it was such a beautiful day . . . .

A Great Blue Heron - usually they don't stay put long enough for me to take a photo, but this one stayed just long enough!

Dad looking at Pectoral Sandpipers through the spotting scope

Me looking for the elusive Sora as reeds like these are a prime habitat for them. After hearing the  call of one, I knew there was one in there somewhere! And after walking along here just a little more, I was able to flush one out and see it for just a bit before it dove back under cover.

Can you see the two birds in this photo? They were at a distance too great for my camera, but our spotting scope has an attachment for cameras so my Dad helped me get it set up, and then I was able to get the below photo of them . . .

The pair of Dunlins . . . they aren't a very common bird here so it was a treat to see them!

Whitetail bucks in the distance

Leah looking at more deer way in the distance

 The next day, we took a few hours and went to a hiking trail that runs along part of the Missouri River with the intention of bird watching for warblers, but there were very few birds to be seen. We had a fun time anyway, though!

One of the very few living creature we saw :)

 Wildflowers that were blooming along the trail.

Both of these outings were a pleasant reprieve from the daily busyness and much enjoyed. It is always so refreshing to spend time out in God's beautiful creation and especially so when you're with those you love!


  1. What a very beautiful area to spend time in. We occasionally see Dunlins inn the rivers here but they are quite shy.
    Lovely photo of your parents!

  2. It looks like a lovely day! Photographing nature is so awesome. A glimpse of heaven maybe? ;-) And your parents look adorable in that picture. ;-)

  3. AnonymousJune 07, 2014

    Such a pleasant, peaceful life y'all live! I imagine your Mom really enjoyed the gift of this outing with her family. We have always taken "birthday trips" for our children's birthdays, rather than throw a party, and these outings have been some of our fondest memories. ~ Betsy

  4. It is, Elizabeth! How interesting that you see Dunlins way over in England, too. I think they are pretty little birds!

    Leah took that photo of my parents. :) It's one of my favorites of them!

  5. It was indeed, Gabby! And I would agree wholeheartedly . . . it is one of my favorite hobbies to do.

    They do, don't they?! :)

  6. We certainly enjoy it, Betsy. :)

    Yes, she did very much! I can imagine how fun and special your children's birthday trips are. Times like those do make such wonderful memories!


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