Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Days and a Few Thoughts to Share

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of September . . . September! In just a few weeks summer will be left behind and fall will have begun. Where did the days of August go? While they flew by quickly, they were wonderful ones here overall and full of pleasant busyness and a great many other things as well.

Canning lots of tomato sauce (and soon salsa and ketchup, too!) . . . more green beans going into the freezer . . . putting parts of the garden to bed . . . spending a fun day at the State Fair (and a post about that will be coming eventually) . . . several Saturday mornings at the farmer's market . . . digging more potatoes . . . squeezing bits of time in to do a little embroidering . . . studying certain topics in Scripture . . . trying new recipes . . . harvesting and drying Jewelweed (which I'll be experimenting with in soap when it's ready) . . . making soap . . . and much more.

Freshly harvested Jewelweed

And then there are the more 'mundane' tasks . . . early mornings sweeping the floors and tidying up the house with the morning light just beginning to filter in through the windows, walking through the dew-laden grass to bring the first load of laundry out to hang on the line, taking care of the animal chores while the air still has the early morning quietness and stillness to it, baking bread, washing dishes, pulling weeds, cleaning, and the list could go on and on.

There is so much to be thankful for and to delight in in simply our every day lives . . . and that is one thing that has especially been on my heart this summer. To not just make it through the summer busyness or get caught up in the busyness and forget to simply enjoy it . . . to not just get things crossed off of a to-do list and keep up with the day-to-day tasks, but instead . . . to seek to truly enjoy and delight in every little task that helps to make our house a home and that can bless and encourage my family. And it has been wonderful.

Embroidery in progress . . . and the verse on it has been a fitting reminder!

Yes, there have definitely still been those days when I feel tired or uninspired! :) Or days when things are just hard and my heart is heavier. Yet when turning my focus away from self to truly loving others, to the Lord, to doing all things to serve Him, it is amazing how one's heart and outlook can change.

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men" (Colossians 3:23)

It turns even those least favorite tasks into acts of love and opportunities to glorify the Lord . . . even though you may be tired after a long day, it makes cooking dinner or doing anything else a delight simply because you are serving and loving your family through it . . . and it makes those things you especially enjoy doing all the more meaningful simply because they are being done for the Lord and others and not for self.

"She . . . works with her hands in delight . . . she looks well to the ways of her household"
(Proverbs 31:13, 27)

So as our summer days have been flying by, this is some of what has been on my heart. Learning from the everyday, seeking to grow in these areas, delighting in the life that God has given me, and thanking Him for all He is teaching me and the blessings He continues to give in abundance!

"Our days are like beautiful summer fields as God gives them to us. The minutes are blooming flowers and silvery blades of grass and stalks of wheat with their germs of golden grains. The hours are trees with their rich foliage or vines with their blossom potentials of purple clusters. Oh the endless, blessed possibilities of the days and hours and minutes as they come to us from God's hands! But what did you do with yesterday? How does the little acre of that one day look to you now? What are you doing with your time? Every moment God gives us has in it a possibility of beauty as well as something to be accounted for. Are we using our time for God?" ~ J. R. Miller


  1. I am pleased to read your update and it holds a lesson for me. My servant's heart is rebellious and I am often bored butI am not serving me or JUST FAMILY I am truly serving HIM. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sarah, thank you for your comment on my last post. After a couple of hard weeks I feel I can get back to the 'everyday'at last.
    What a wonderful quote from J R Miller.
    Asters are such lovely Autumn flowers and their colours are very cheering.

  3. Hi Sarah, it was so nice to hear from you! Thank you for visiting.
    This is such a thoughtful post, thank you. My garden is put to rest now, and the 'mundane' daily tasks, along with lots of heat and dust, almost got the better of me. I've much to be thankful for, and daily serving the Lord in everything I do is most important ~ even through the 'mundane'. This I must always remember. I love the Miller quote, and the embroidery is one I should do for my wall. :-)
    Blessings to you,
    With love,

  4. This post has blessed my heart, Sarah! I want to thank you for the amazing example you are to me. I praise the Lord for what He is doing in and through your life! More than anyone else I know, you are an example of truly enjoying the things in everyday life that God has given you! I don't know exactly how to say this, but knowing you has really helped me to enjoy, and thank God for, the life He has given me.To stop, and look around, and see how good God is! When I think of you I am reminded and encouraged to rejoice in the Lord and appreciate all the many little (and big!)blessings he has poured out on me!I really love what you said in the paragraph under the beehive picture.:-) That is something God has been teaching me this year too, and part of how He's taught me is through your example! Thank you, Sarah.
    Keep serving Him, and rejoicing in it!

  5. Thank you. You inspire me to do my housework with pleasure and with a focus on Jesus.

  6. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Sarah! It is good to stop and think about these things and refocus.

    May the Lord bless you with a restful evening!

  7. I am glad that it could be an encouragement to you, Suze! It is indeed so helpful to remember Who we are serving . . . what a different outlook one has then! Though, even just serving family is a wonderful reason to do our work cheerfully and with a loving servant heart. :)

  8. You’re welcome, Elizabeth! I am continuing to pray for your husband and you. I am sure it is a great relief to have the hard weeks behind you and to be getting back to your more normal restful life.

    The quote from J. R. Miller is one of my favorites . . . such a poignant reminder!

    Yes, Asters are indeed. I love their bright cheerful colors even when everything else is nearing its end!

  9. You’re welcome, Mrs. Anne :), and I am glad that the post could be a blessing to you! And thank you for sharing your heart. It was an encouragement to me!

    I love the quote by Miller, too, as it is always such a good reminder to me.

    I am sure you would enjoy doing this embroidery pattern! The kit is put out by Clementine Pattern Company, and they have many beautiful ones.

    Blessings to you as well!

  10. Your comment meant so much to me, Karen! Thank you for sharing . . . what an encouragement it was to me. I am so glad that in some way the things that the Lord has been teaching me have been a help to you as well. Isn’t it wonderful how the body of Christ can encourage and build one another up?!

    It made me smile to hear how much you are enjoying the life God has given you and what you are learning this year! He is so faithful, isn’t He?

  11. Welcome to my blog, Rita, and thank you for your sweet comment! I am so glad that the post could be an encouragement to you.

  12. You’re welcome, Anna! And yes, it is indeed.

    Thank you! I hope that you have a blessed evening as well!

  13. oh sarah, thank u for simply stating what the Lord puts on your heart. this is exactly what i needed. :)

  14. I am so glad that it was a blessing to you, Shannah! Isn't it wonderful how the Lord can give us what we need right when we need it?


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