Monday, August 11, 2014

Morning Drive to the Market

The Saturday before last, Leah and I were just about ready to head out for the farmer's market when I had a last minute thought to bring my camera. The morning light was beautiful which made me think it would be nice to take a few photos along the drive. I am glad I brought it along as with the fog and sunshine, it made for one of the prettiest morning drives we have had . . .

In the tree covered hills

Almost to the bottoms . . . with a heavy fog in the distance

Tall cornfields all tasseled out line much of the highway

Trees disappearing into the fog

When we got closer to the river, the fog got really thick!

As we crossed the bridge, it began to dissipate and the old train bridge could then be seen in the distance 

These drives are always so pleasant! And on a morning like this one was, it was especially so.

 Leah and I have really been enjoying our Saturday mornings at the farmer's market, and it has been so nice getting to know the other vendors. One of my favorite parts of the day is when we are all arriving, setting up, visiting, and simply having a fun time getting ready.

Visiting with the customers is also much enjoyed! I especially like the long conversations with several of the older people who come by. We're getting to the point now that we recognize some of the regulars :), and it's a real treat to see the familiar faces as they come up to our booth to visit for a bit.

So there you have a tiny glimpse into what our early Saturday mornings are often like! Though we don't often get to enjoy a drive quite as pretty as this one was. :)


  1. This drive looks SO enjoyable. I can't wait for cool morning drives when fall comes around! ;-)

  2. Can you do a faq/how to post on the business side of your farmer's market selling? I'm curious about how it all really works out - booth rental/materials/labor/gas and transportation or whatever vs sales. Is it really profitable while getting started, or it is a money sink until you've built up a lot of regular customers? Do you advertise anywhere besides your blog/church circle of friends?

    Inquiring woman wants to know... =)

  3. Lovely photos, Sarah. We've had some pretty fog filled mornings amongst the hills down here in the Ozarks too.

  4. It was such a misty morning!
    How I would love to visit your lovely stall, it looks so inviting. It must be nice to see old and new friends at the market.

  5. So glad to see a large selection of soaps available, Sarah. I am hoping to order quite a few for family Christmas gifts this year!:-)

    ~ Betsy

  6. Beautiful post! The photos of the foggy morning are just lovely! My mother, sisters and I sold our sewn merchandise at farmers' markets for a couple of years. We had so much fun and made some sweet friends. Your soaps and honey look great!


  7. Do you have a recipe for rebatching soap? If so can you tell me the recipe? My dad has been wanting one for a while now. Thanks.

  8. It is, Gabby! It won’t be long before you’ll be able to enjoy those fall drives. :) It’s hard to believe we’re already to mid-August and that fall is just around the corner!

  9. Hello Anonymous! Being profitable at a farmer’s market really depends a lot on the vendor themselves and what they make of it, etc. (and of course, having customers coming to the market is important! :)

    For me, yes, it has been profitable. And I actually haven’t advertised much at all . . . though I do utilize Craigs List sometimes.

  10. Thank you, Mrs. Anne! We’ve certainly had some pretty Missouri mornings lately, haven’t we? I’m sure you’ve enjoyed yours as well!

  11. It was, Elizabeth! Aww, I would love it if you could visit it. :) What a treat that would be!

  12. Your comment made me smile, Betsy!

  13. Thank you, Sarah! I am glad that you enjoyed it. That’s neat that you and your mother and sisters were vendors at a farmer’s market as well! It sounds like you really enjoyed that.

  14. I am sorry, Me, but no, I do not have a recipe for rebatching soap . . . I have not had a need to do that before. If you did a search online, though, I am sure you could find one!


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