Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Days

The leaves on some of the trees have begun to change their colors and many are beginning to fall to the ground . . . the air is crisp and chilly in the mornings (and sometimes during the days!) . . . in the garden, the winter squash and pumpkins are maturing. Fall has certainly arrived, and it is a beautiful time of year!

The Burning Bush

Rouge Vif d'Etampes winter squash

Greek Sweet Red winter squash slowly turning color . . . I wish there was some way to help it hurry up. :) It still has a ways to go before it's ready to harvest, and a first frost is likely not that far away!

One of the Sugar Pie pumpkins

After a few years of trying to grow Luffa Sponge, we finally had success! This was more of a curious experiment, as they are supposed to be a natural sponge that can be used for cleaning, so I wanted to know what they were like. And if they actually work. :)

The last flowers blooming in the garden

The celery has done well, and we are planning to overwinter it as we have in the past.

Aurora and Sierra coming up to see what I was doing :)

With the garden nearly finished and farmer's market over for the year, it has been nice to begin focusing more on other things. Such as cleaning out our entire rabbitry which has been a fairly big project! It involves taking down all the cages, scrubbing the bottoms, spraying them all off, cleaning the cage mats, feeders, nestboxes, etc., and then putting everything back! I don't have it quite done, but hope to soon.

With the garden pretty much finished, the hens are enjoying being able to free range again

Indoor projects have been increasing as well and my Mom and I have enjoyed doing the fall deep cleaning in our home, and I've been getting back to sewing dolls for my As Lilies etsy store and also quilting again.

This feels like the project that keeps going and going and going . . . let's just say that I am a very slow hand-quilter. :) I am down to only 18 more squares to quilt, though! As I have other things I am hoping to do this winter, my goal is to have this finished before the close of fall. 

Earlier this week, I did some work on my Niobrara Farms etsy store and have two new varieties of soap added as well as variety packs available now, too . . .

The soap varieties I have so far

It was fun working on that!

As these Autumn days are quickly slipping by, I am thankful for all that they have been filled with and am looking forward to what the rest of this season holds!


  1. I love that you have seasons and a rhythm to your life. Enjoy the preparations for the colder days ahead.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. Beautiful quilting.

  3. Sarah, I think that your Luffas are similar to our Loofahs. Some years ago in France, I grew one and when it was dried out peeled the skin off, and have a perfect loofah!

  4. The luffa is incredible! I would have passed it off as cucumber, had you not said something.:-) A pretty remarkable plant! Maybe you should add these to your Etsy, to complement the soap.:-)

    ~ Betsy

  5. Your soaps look so good, Sarah! I was looking around your Etsy store again the other day, and noticed you only send to USA and Canada. I guess shipping would cost a lot to send to Australia, anyway. Oh well, I hope your new eight-pack selection sells well, I think that's a great idea.

    Love your autumn garden and the beginnings of new projects. As Suze says above, I really like how your life has such seasonal rhythms. It seems very serene and beautiful.

  6. I love this post, such beautiful pumpkins & squashes.
    Enjoy your quilting.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. Hi Sarah!
    How are you going to overwinter your celery? Do you cover or cut it back?

  8. Autumn is my favorite season, so I really enjoyed this post! The garden produce looks wonderful, and I really like the look of homemade soap. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I love that, too, Suze! Thank you :) . . . I will!

  10. You’re welcome, Mrs. Anne, and thank you!

  11. They do sound similar, Elizabeth! That’s neat that you have dried and used one before. It’s going to be interesting to see what these ones are like once they’re dry!

  12. It does look similar to a cucumber, doesn’t it, Betsy?

    Maybe I will! Though, so far, I haven’t had the greatest success growing them. :) At least we got a few this year!

  13. Thank you, Rena! Unfortunately, many countries have shipping restrictions for merchandise such as goat milk soaps and soaps with botanicals in them. So that’s why I only ship to the USA and Canada. If I am remembering correctly, Australia was one of those countries that was pretty strict in what is able to be shipped in. Sorry about that!

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post! I love the seasonal rhythms as well.

  14. I am glad that you enjoyed it Michelle!

    I have been enjoying the quilting. :) Only 11 more left to do now!

  15. Hello Melissa! A few years ago, I built two simple 2x4 a-frames out of scrap lumber. They were maybe about 10 feet long and 2 ½ feet tall. Then I put plastic over them, and then just set them over top of the plants I want to overwinter. They have worked well so far! If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask!

  16. I am glad you enjoyed the post, Anna! Autumn is indeed a beautiful season, and this one has been especially so here.

    Thank you for you kind words! And you’re welcome. :)


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