Monday, November 10, 2014

Treasures from the Past

If you have been reading my blog for much length of time, you probably already know how much I like antiques. :) There is just something special about the pieces from the past . . . the beauty, character, and history of them is so appealing. Anything made of wood especially catches my eye . . . and another thing that quickly draws my attention is quilts.

The often faded, yet colorful, fabrics carefully sewn together to create a priceless treasure. Tiny handstitches cover the surface of many of the quilts, showing the time that the maker put into carefully making a beautiful bed covering for her family. I have wished more than once that the quilts (or any antique really!) could share some of its history . . . where has it been? Who made it? Who has used it? What stories could it tell?

When I wander through antique stores, most times I am simply admiring . . . the price tags on the quilts and many of the other items are often far above what I would want to spend! But every once in awhile, I find a treasure of a quilt with a price that I cannot pass up . . .

. . . such as this one . . .

At some point in this quilt's recent history, someone had attempted to repair a torn end by sewing a large neon pink strip very crookedly over one edge. Perhaps that is why the price was so low, but for me, it was an easy thing to remedy! A ripper and some time quickly had the very unappealing strip of fabric off. The quilt still needs some TLC, though . . . after a thorough washing, it will need to be rebound and have some holes repaired.

I love the quilting on this quilt! Tiny hand stitches cover it in a beautiful pattern . . .

Having been hand quilting myself, I have a great appreciation for the quality of the stitching and how much of it there is!

This next quilt was tied instead of quilted. It has seen a lot more wear and has several holes, quite a few missing squares, and is going to need a fair bit of work (if I decide to repair it completely.)

When I first saw it draped across a bed at an antique store and saw its poorer quality, the first thought that came to mind was how nice it would be for a picnic quilt or to use when going outdoors to read underneath the trees or things like that. And for a price of $12.75, the time to repair it will be worth it!

My winter project list has been fast filling up, and included on it will be
the fun restoration of these two quilts!


  1. Such beautiful finds! : )


  2. Each quilt has its own beauty. I think it is a real labour of love to restore or re-use these lovely pieces, which have had so much work put into them.

  3. How exciting! And weren't you putting together another quilt? I can't remember, was it ever finished?
    I do remember how beautiful it was.
    What a fun project and such good prices.
    I hope you enjoy them both!

  4. What treasures. I am pleased that these delicate items found their way to a place where they shall be cared for and loved.

  5. Great find, Sarah. They're beautiful quilts!

  6. Fabulous winter projects - enjoy!

  7. What lovely finds, Miss Sarah...just perfect for winter projects. I recently stumbled across a large quilt frame...never used...still in the original box...for $5 at a lawn sale. I am so looking forward to hand quilting some of my larger pieces on it this winter when the snow sets in.
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Mrs. Laura

  8. Dear Sarah, I adore Patchwork's quilts, the two are very nice. An embrace. M. Carmen

  9. Lovely quilts Sarah! Aren't they just the perfect thing to make a house cozy and inviting? =) I would just love to learn how to quilt - someday when I have a sewing machine and more room for projects, quilting will be one of the first things I learn. For now I'll have to stick with my crochet and knitting projects. But, I still might be able to find some beautiful quilts in second-hand stores like you did!

    Hope all is well with you and your family.

  10. They do indeed, Elizabeth.

    It’s a labor of love that I enjoy. :) And I really like the end result of being able to use these beautiful quilts again!

  11. Yes, I was Julianne! Or I should say, am. :) It is nearly done! I’ll be posting about it once it is finished and I am able to photograph it

    Thank you, I will!

  12. They are indeed, Suze. I am thankful to have found them!

  13. They will indeed make perfect winter projects, Mrs. Laura! I am looking forward to getting started on them.

    What a great find! Enjoy your handquilting projects this winter.

  14. Welcome to my blog, M. Carmen! I can well understand why you like patchwork quilts so much. :) They are beautiful!

  15. Thank you, Jessi! And yes, I would agree. I love the look of quilts decorating a home and covering beds!

    Quilting is fun to do, and I am sure that you would enjoy it! Crocheting is fun, too, and I am sure knitting is as well. I have yet to learn how to knit, but would like to someday. Maybe you will be able to find some quilts like this sometime! As much as I love making quilts myself, there’s something extra special about the antique ones.

    Aww, thank you . . . everything is. :) Life has been full which is why posts haven't been coming quite as often!

  16. What beautiful quilts you have found. Just recently Salinn was telling me that we should go old quilt shopping at antique stores. What treasures you found!

  17. Thank you, Nikki! That would be fun for you and Salinn to do together :) . . . and perhaps you'd be able to find a treasure!


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