Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring is Coming!

As I type, the sun is shining, a warm breeze is blowing, and the temperature is 60 degrees! The weather has been simply glorious, and we have been thoroughly enjoying it!

Signs of spring are beginning to be seen . . . buds are beginning to swell on some of the trees, some of the grass is getting a tinge of green, the daffodils are growing . . .

 . . . and the first pollen was seen coming into the beehives!

Out of curiosity, I had to check to see what could possibly blooming right now, and it looks like the pollen is likely coming from maples.

The first seeds are also started! For us, celery is always the first to be planted . . .

Celery seeds that had soaked in water overnight

 All planted!

This week I am planning to get the broccoli and cabbage going as well, and then the tomatoes and peppers will be planted towards the end of March. After several years of having very cool Aprils, we decided to once again start these a little later this year.

Then in just a few weeks, we'll go get the seed potatoes and onion plants, and the first things will be planted in the garden! (If the weather holds that is. :)


  1. I always smile as you wait for warmth to plant and we wait for cool. Essentailly our grwoing seasons are similar.

  2. This is such a lovely time, when the planning of the garden results in seeds being made ready, plants put in the ground, and even the greenhouse being cleaned for the tomato plants which will be in soon.

  3. I am so happy to see these signs of spring! Here in NY we still have a lot of snow, but temperatures are in the 40's today, and that is a real blessing! : )

  4. Do you do your tilling in the spring or winter?
    Everything is so wet here after it warms up, we usually have to wait until the end of March to do it, and then plant the middle of May.

    I asked my husband if we could visit the garden and see if the rhubarb is up. He just chuckled at me. Apparently, rhubarb needs more than 3 days of warm temperatures before it wakes up! Hahaha! :D It gets so exciting, sometimes it feels like longer than a few days!


  5. It's interesting how different the timing of the seasons are in different countries, Suze! I am sure you are looking forward to your autumn just as much as we are to our spring. :)

  6. It is indeed, Elizabeth! It sounds like you are enjoying it. :) I hope that your tomato plants do well for you!

  7. How well I can relate, Sarah! With your warming temperatures, slowly slowly your snow will melt and spring will really arrive. :)

    We have had 60's and 70's here and the first flowers are even blooming! Though more normal temps for this time of year (50's) are just around the corner. Even that sounds really nice, though, after the long winter!

  8. We till in the spring, Christina. Usually it dries out enough we can get an initial ,shallow till done, and then once it dries out a little more, then we do the 'real' till. That typically takes place mid to late March here as well.

    Now that you mention checking rhubarb, I'm going to have to go check on ours. :) We've had warm temps. for over a week so maybe they're up now! This is such a fun time of year!


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