Monday, March 2, 2015

Springtime on my Mind

A few weeks ago, out came the box of seeds leftover from last year, lists of what we had planted in the garden last year, and Baker Creek's seed catalog. It was snowy and cold outdoors, but warm and cozy inside while I had fun planning for our spring garden . . .

Seeds sorted and a list in progress

Some of the seeds I had saved (the ones in the jars) . . . green onions, kale and lima beans

 Looking through the tomatoes

Right now spring seems like it is a long way off what with another beautiful 6+ inch snowfall that we had yesterday . . .

And while I always like snowfalls like this, I am also very much looking forward to this again . . .

 Green, and Garden, and Growing things!

In the meantime while we wait for those first signs of spring, we have all been keeping busy and enjoying these winter days (for the most part anyway :) . . . I think all of us wouldn't mind if it was just a little warmer!)

For me, these days have included things such as continuing to work on my website, celebrating my 29th birthday last week with my family (which they made so special for me!) . . .

 Having some sister time together shopping/thrifting on my birthday

 . . . making soap . . . putting together more cross-stitch kits . . .

. . . making sugar scrubs and adding them to my shop . . .

 . . . and then all the regular little things that fill one's days such as making dinner . . .

 Photo by Leah when we were making potato soup for dinner

And now March has come, and it is less than three weeks until the official start of spring! Is anyone else ready for spring and gardening again?


  1. I'm ready for spring and gardening!!
    I'm starting some seeds inside today, even though the garden is still under 12" of snow and ice. I'm hoping the storm coming this week will be the last.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. I've been planning our garden, which is really only three raised beds for vegetables. I shall also be planting tomatoes, my favourite being the large Marmande variety, and one other. I think I have some runner bean seeds from last year, so might plant them in pots to see if they are 'growable'.

  3. The season for preparing the garden -- it's got to be the most exciting time of year! I love trying new things, and it's so fun to pour over the magazines and dream about what to do next. (I always wish I could grow it all, but then, I guess that wouldn't leave much fun for the year after.)
    It's almost hard for me not to be too excited. I always have to remind myself that God has plans for the garden that I don't anticipate and it may not turn out exactly as I hoped.

    This will be our first year growing lima beans. Have any tips for harvesting/cooking them? :)

    How about you? Are you trying any new produce this year?

    Thanks for posting. Your blog is very encouraging.

  4. Your post makes me even more excited about spring! Ah! I've been waiting...not so patiently. ;-) I didn't grow up having a garden, so I tried it last year, but all my plants died. I borrowed one of your ideas, that of having a gardening journal (I think it was somewhere in a past post), which I can't wait to do again. Let's see how this year goes. ;-)

  5. It has been far too long since I've had the opportunity to comment here, though I do like to stop by as time allows!

    This year will likely be a much smaller planting for a variety of reasons (mostly time and space). It's certainly become a fun challenge deciding what will be grown within our currently limited space. Ultimately, it's come down to what we use the most versus what is readily accessible in the growing community here. It is such a blessing to be able to trade produce!

    I look forward to more garden posts as Spring approaches and blossoms! I always thoroughly enjoy hearing what you have planned and seeing how it all comes along.

  6. Happy (belated) birthday, Sarah!

    Yes, I'm ready for spring, especially since we've had more snow this winter than we expected. Today was a bit warmer than it has been and made me really anxious for warmer days!

  7. Happy birthday Sarah!
    Well, I'm getting ready for autumn… :)

  8. I am very much looking forward to spring! I share in your enthusiasm for planning and starting the garden. :-)

  9. I thought you might be, Mrs. Anne! How fun that you were able to get some of your seeds started. I am planning to start our first ones this week as well in the hopes that spring will come on time!

    I hope as well that we had our last winter storm . . . the forecast certainly looks promising!

  10. Your garden sounds like it is going to be nice this year, Elizabeth! It must be nice to have the raised beds. I hadn't heard of the Marmande tomato variety before – it sounds like a good one!

    Enjoy your garden planning!

  11. Just reading of your excitement for gardening made me even more excited, Christina! I think spring is the most exciting time of year as well. Definitely my favorite. :) Planting the garden, kidding season, spring flowers and much more . . . I can hardly wait!

    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to grow it all. :)

    How fun that you are trying lima beans for the first time! I enjoyed growing and harvesting them last year. As far as harvesting, one tip that comes to mind is don't wait until the plants dry entirely to harvest. When I grew great northerns, I waited until the plants were all the way dry which worked very well with them. With the lima beans, though, shortly after the pods dried and while the plant was still green, the pods would open, spilling out their seeds. I don't know, though, if that was characteristic of this particular variety, or if all lima beans are that way. As far as cooking them, so far I have only used them in soups so I don't have any tips as far as that goes. What variety are you going to grow?

    This year the only new thing I added to try is a variety of carrot and then a different basil. We really like most of the varieties we have been growing so far, and there isn't really room to add much more right now. I still had fun looking through the seed catalog, though!

    You're welcome in regards to posting! I am glad that my blog could be an encouragement to you. And thank you for your comments . . . I always enjoy reading them!

  12. Your comment made me smile, Gabby! Especially the part in talking about spring “I've been waiting...not so patiently.” I can relate! When there is snow on the ground at the start of March and temperatures are in the 20's, it makes it a little harder to be patient. :)

    That's great that you tried your first garden last year! I am sorry, though, to hear that the plants died. I hope that it will do much better for you this year. And I'm glad that you were able to use the gardening journal idea!

  13. It was good to hear from you again, Renee! Thank you for leaving a comment! I am glad to hear that you enjoy visiting here. :) With spring just around the corner (I hope!), gardening posts should be coming soon.

    It sounds like you have been enjoying figuring out what to grow in your garden! It can be a bit of a challenge sometimes to try to squeeze in as much as you can in a smaller place. But as you shared, a fun challenge! That is a blessing that you are able to trade produce with others. Then you don't have to try to grow everything yourself which can be nice. I hope your garden does well for you this year!

  14. Thank you, Anna!

    So you all have had a lot of snow this winter? We have had only two significant snowfalls, though quite a few dustings.

    I am sure it was nice having warmer temperatures the other day! It's only in the low 20's here right now, but by the end of the week they are forecasting it to be in the 50's. I am really looking forward to that! And hopefully the warm weather will come your way soon, too!

  15. Thank you, Rena! While we look forward to warmth and spring here, I am sure you are looking forward to a break from the heat. :) Enjoy your Australian fall!

  16. It looks like it is going to start feeling more like spring soon, Sister in the Mid-west! Then hopefully things will stay warm and dry out quickly, and we can both get started on our gardens. :) Enjoy planning and planting yours!

  17. I do love the spring. It's finally warmed up here where we have a week or two of 50s and 60s a head of us. It's going to be wonderful! We always miss our outdoor walks SO MUCH in the winter.

    We're growing Fordhook Lima Beans. (They are the ones the size of quarters, abouts.) I'll definitely keep that in mind. You've inspired me to do more research. I've realized I'm not sure what I'm doing according to beans! I've always wanted to grow them though, and a customer requested lima beans specifically this year. No time to learn like the present, I suppose! :)
    I love beans of all types and hope to branch out a bit more next year. Though, my husband never really ate beans growing up, so he's a bit wary of that whole food group. I might have to pluck up my courage and try a few new things to find something he likes. It doesn't help that lima beans tend to carry a bad reputation.
    Either way, it'll be an interesting expedition.

    I'm always amazed at the different kinds of basil there are. I've not been brave enough to try the more unique flavors yet. Maybe someday though. Basil is such a wonderful herb!

    Happy garden planning!

  18. Your weather sounds a lot like ours, Christina! Hasn't it been wonderful? It feels like spring is on its way. Enjoy the warmer temps! And your walks. :)

    I am glad it could be inspiring! I don't know much about dried beans either. :) It is fun to learn and experiment, though!

    There are a lot of different varieties of basil! So far I have only grown a few . . . I should get a little braver, though, and try some of the more unique ones sometime.

    Happy garden planning to you as well! :)


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