Monday, March 30, 2015

Visiting Friends

After almost a year since our last visit, this past Tuesday found Leah and I on our way to visit our dear friends in Indiana. We had been trying to get together for months, but something always came up (sickness, etc.) to prevent it. Finally our plans worked!

Rainy skies on our way there

Illinois had a lot of flooding!

Entering Indiana! Getting closer!

The tree filled, rolling hills of Indiana are so pretty, even at this time of year.

We knew we were in for a wonderful and encouraging visit, and we were not disappointed! What a blessing our time together was! Late night conversations (or early morning? One night we were up until 1:30!), going for walks, thrifting, praying together, playing some games, going to the movie "Do You Believe?" (which is excellent by the way), and so much more.

Laura and I - so very blessed to call her friend!

Emily and Leah

Laura and Emily are much more than just friends to us, but are like sisters. Our time together was so special, and they were both such an encouragement to us! As was the rest of their family.

Here is a photographic glimpse into our time together . . .

Me enjoying time with little Ezra (their nephew)
(he and his mom, Anna, came over for part of the afternoon - it was so nice to see her again and to meet him!)

Laura and Ezra

Sam and their dog, Shane

Anna (their sister-in-law), Emily, Leah holding Ezra, me and Laura
It was so nice to spend time together with all of these ladies! And Ezra, too. He wasn't too thrilled about the photography part, though! 

Visiting in the kitchen
Anna, Silas, Leah and Ezra and Emily 

Ezra and Leah

Making coleslaw for dinner


Laura, Ezra and Silas

 Ezra was kind of the center of attention for awhile. :)

In the afternoon, Laura, Emily, Leah and I and their brothers Silas and Sam went to a nearby park. The park has a beautiful lake with a walking trail around it. We had so much fun there! Especially as the day was unusually beautiful for this time of year with sunshine and a high around 70.

Laura and I teasing each other about accidentally pushing the other into the lake :)

It was so pleasant sitting out on the dock visiting! Admiring God's beautiful creation and talking about how beautiful heaven must be if this is how beautiful the corrupted creation is.

It was so peaceful there!

They look a little mismatched, don't they?

Walking around the lake and visiting . . . we had wonderful and encouraging conversations! Everything from light-hearted day to day things, to serving our families as adult daughters, to modesty, legalism, faith and trust in the Lord, and just about everything in between.

Silas and Sam playing tennis

Some geese both wild and domestic

We had had such an enjoyable time at the park, that we went back again in the evening after dinner . . .

Laura, Leah and Emily when we started out to walk around the lake again

The sunset was so beautiful over the lake!

Trying to be photographically creative with Laura as a photography subject :)

A lone coot in among the cypress trees

Emily and Leah

And them again :) 

Silas, Sam and Dave were playing frisbee while we went for our walk

And then we sat, visited, laughed and simply had fun together while they played

As darkness fell, we all moved over to the basketball court and the C siblings shot baskets together which was fun (and entertaining!) to watch! 

We made sure to play music together this time! (Last time we had brought our instruments, but ran out of time to play) . . .

Emily, Laura and Leah

We really enjoyed doing this together!

Making lunch together . . . delicious broccoli soup which was perfect for a chilly, drizzly day

Emily playing her guitar and singing . . . the rest of us were in the kitchen at the time and we seriously thought it was a song on a CD. So much so that Mrs. C. asked one of the boys to turn it up so we could hear it better. :) It turned out it was Emily!

Tim, Sam, Silas, Laura, Leah, Emily and I played UNO together . . . and added new rules each round which made it even more fun!

More music. Mrs. C. is a really good pianist! I very much enjoyed hearing her play.

And there is a glimpse into our week! So much more happened and the photos cannot capture the deep conversations, the laughter, and everything that fit in-between. It was really a special time . . . Laura and Emily, and their family, have such sincere and genuine hearts for the Lord and others and what a blessing they were to us! Leah and I left feeling encouraged, refreshed and inspired. Thank you so much for having us!


  1. Looks like a fun and encouraging time! In that picture of you and Laura on the dock, you look like you could be sisters! :)

  2. What a lovely time you had. There is nothing as good as the fellowship with close friends.

  3. I loved reading that, Sarah, and seeing the photos. Friendship is good; fellowship is better! :)

    I remember you went to a conference and forest walk with the same friends last year, is that right?

  4. Looks like such a special time. Thank you for sharing!

    And yes, you and Laura could easily be sisters! :)

  5. It was, Joy!

    I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it, but I think you're right! We do look quite a bit alike in that photo. :)

  6. It was, Elizabeth, and I would agree!

  7. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Rena! Yes, I would agree wholeheartedly with what you shared about friendship and fellowship, and it is so special when the two can be enjoyed together.

    You're right! These are the same friends that we went to the conference with, etc. We also went out to visit them last summer, too. They are really a blessing to us!

  8. It was indeed a special time, Anna! You're welcome for sharing. :)

    In the photos, we do look quite a bit alike! And we're definitely sisters at heart. :)


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