Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Planting the Garden

About two weeks ago, we started planting the garden, and between days of rain and some other things, the garden has been getting planted . . . slowly . . . but it's getting in! :) We also ended up having a chilly spell and a frost last week, so we waited for things to warm up again before resuming planting.

Lettuce, Spinach and Radishes waiting to be planted

And then after they sprouted

The week before last, Mom, Leah and I planted the potatoes which was a lot of fun to do together! Leah also brought Mandy out which added some extra entertainment.

Leah and Mandy before we started planting

Me tilling the spot for the potatoes - two 80' rows

Mom and I


Meanwhile Mandy watched us and played some, too

Newly planted onions (150 to be exact)

Looking out across our yard towards the garden, apiary, and some of the goat pens

Lovely smelling blossoms on the lilac bush

For the first year ever thanks to no late hard freezes, our peach tree is covered in little peaches!

Part of the strawberry bed which I weeded and mulched again yesterday

One of my goals this week is to get all the rest of the garden planted save for the tomato, pepper and celery plants (those are not quite big enough yet to put out) and the winter squash and watermelon (which will be planted sometime in May.) In the meantime, we need to finish getting the barn ready for Aurora and Sierra to be moved into it in the next few days in preparation for their kidding next week, there are beehives to inspect and more honey supers to put on, grass to mow, and more!


  1. You are doing well with the planting, Sarah. All my vegetables are out now, except the tomatoes and cucumber, which will remain in the greenhouse.

  2. It's spring! Your garden (and everything else) is looking so good!

    After three years at our home in NC without a garden, we finally plowed a plot up this spring. We planted most of it just a couple days before we left on a trip for two weeks. We'll plant some of the later things when we get home in just over a week. We're looking forward to having our own fresh garden vegetables once again!

  3. You are ahead of things here in our garden. :-) After bringing in a load of manure from the dairy, we have many rocks - no, boulders, to me! - to remove before tilling. We had a heavy frost last week too. Here in the basin, we are 5 - 10 degrees colder than surrounding areas, even though we are south of you! Well, it will get done....sometime!
    Have a blessed week! ♥

  4. Yay!!! And so the planting begins! Sound like you never have a dull moment in spring time. I wonder how you can fit all that in!

    Haha! 150 onions? You eat onions like we do. :) Do you know how to grow them very big? So many of ours turn out golf ball sized. :/ (Or maybe that's the size God originally made them! xD I don't know what a non-store-bought onion is supposed to look like!)

    Isn't just amazing when it finally warms up enough to start planting? All that anticipation builds up throughout the winter. I've never been disappointed with spring and being able to get out in God's creation.
    Yesterday, we were out planting beans, dill, and wildflowers. The whole time I couldn't stop praying and dreaming about what God could do with all these little seeds. Haha, I feel like I have to remind myself often that God's plans for our garden may not match what I envision! :) Some things don't always turn out well, or some other of God's creatures ends up enjoying the harvest. But it's still so wonderful to dream and be thankful for even the opportunity to garden and have these seeds.
    Growing up, I always pictured myself contentedly canning by buying produce that's occasionally sale. Never would I have imagined the opportunity to have garden and have such good quality produce in such overwelming quantity!
    It reminds me of Ephesian 3:20 -- that God is able to do more than we ask or imagine -- that He knows our hearts and dreams better than we do and has the best gifts in store for us. I can't stop telling Him "Thank You!"

    I love spring. I wish I could spend all my day outside. (At least. . . until summer comes and it gets really hot!)

    Happy Gardening!

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth!

    That's great that you were able to get all of your vegetables planted! And now to wait for the delicious harvests. :) I hope your plants produce well for you!

  6. It is indeed, Anna! Isn't it wonderful? I am sure that you are enjoying it as well and are excited to have a garden again! I hope it is doing well so far, and that it will produce abundantly for you. I know you'll enjoy having the fresh vegetables again!

    Have fun doing the rest of your planting!

  7. That's interesting, Mrs. Anne, that even though we are a ways north of you, our weather is ahead of yours! Well, hopefully that heavy frost was your last, and you'll be able to get your garden in soon.

    That sounds like a lot of work to remove all of the rocks (or boulders! :) I hope that went well so it is all ready for tilling.

    Have fun planting when you have the opportunity! And I hope that you have a blessed week as well!

  8. Your comment made me smile, Christina! It sounds like you are just a bit excited about gardening season. :) You're off to a great start with yours!

    No, there aren't many dull moments around here . . . always plenty to keep one busy as I am sure you can relate!

    Yes, we do use a lot of onions, both fresh and a lot in canning, too – especially in salsas. Some years we're able to grow our onions up to about 2-3 inches I diameter, though we still always have some that are golf ball size, too. Since moving the garden to a new location about 7 years ago, the only years we haven't been able to grow good sized ones has been when fungus gets in the plants and kills them prematurely. One thing that really helps we have found is to have rich, loose soil. In our old garden plot, we never could get big onions, and I think that was due to the heavier soil and it not being as nutritious for the plants. Oh, and we never had success with onion sets, so we always use plants now.

    It sounds like we have a lot of the same thoughts while we plant in our gardens. :) Seeds are such amazing little things . . . something so tiny and 'dead' can grow and produce abundantly if carefully planted, watered, and cared for. It's amazing how many spiritual lessons can be learned from seeds, and I can well see why God used them so often in parables and as word pictures! And also why He compared His Word to a seed . . . planted in our hearts and carefully tended and nurtured, His Word grows, nourishes and bears much fruit in our lives.

    I know what you mean about planting our gardens with hope and prayer, yet as you shared, realizing that things don't always work out as we envision . . . which provides more spiritual and character lessons to learn. :) Even with any problems one may have, though, as you shared, there is still so much to thank the Lord for! Even 'problem's' can be blessings.

    I am so glad that you are able to have a garden and that you enjoy it so much! I hope it does very well for you this year!


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