Monday, April 6, 2015

Springtime on our Little Homestead

Unlike the last few years, spring has arrived on time this year! Consistent temperatures in the 60's and a few 70's has the fruit trees just breaking into blossom. 

We did have a quick cold snap last week bringing the temperature below freezing, but it came early enough that the fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and flowers weren't affected by it, thankfully. Here's hoping it was our last frost/freeze of the season!

With the warm temperatures, it would be a perfect time for planting in the garden, but right now it looks like this . . .

Still not tilled thanks to rain, rain and more rain! I had been hoping that our next batch of rain would hold off long enough for the ground to dry enough to be tilled. Then we could get the potatoes and onions planted and maybe the carrots, too. It looked like tomorrow was going to work, but the forecast changed and rain should be starting again tonight so it will have to wait a little longer! 

While the garden sits idle, other things are growing . . .



I can almost taste that strawberry rhubarb pie! This year we have the area around our strawberries electric fenced so we should get a crop this year instead of the deer enjoying the plants. :)

The blueberry bushes are just about ready to break into blossom

It feels a little unusual to not have any goat kids yet with not having the Alpines anymore. Two of our Boer does are due next month, though! We are really looking forward to that!

Aurora . . . and she is huge! We wouldn't be surprised if she has triplets, but we're hoping for twins.

Sierra . . . the other evening I tried to feel her babies and did! They (at least we're hoping it is a 'they') were very active, and I felt quite a few hard thumps against my hand. What an amazing thing new life is!

Our lilac bush

Last week Dad and I did the first full beehive inspections of the year on the six hives that made it through the winter (we lost two - both of which we thought we would probably lose.) Of the six, five are doing really well! Healthy, bringing in lots of pollen, some nectar, and the queens are laying excellent brood patterns. The sixth hive we aren't sure about . . . we'll have to check it again in a few weeks.

Busy bees!

The peach tree is just beginning to blossom, and the honeybees have been busy gathering nectar

Spring busyness is picking up, and this week will be especially busy! Farmers market starts this Saturday so in addition to some outdoor work and quite a few other things, I'll be getting everything ready for that. There is honey to be bottled and labeled, sugar scrubs to make, soaps to label and more!

Have any of you been able to start planting your gardens yet?


  1. We are still having the occasional night frost, so it is too early to put much out. My broad beans are planted and look good, and I have today sown a row of Sugar snap peas. But runner beans will go in later.
    Our rhubarb is almost ready for the first picking. I love this time of year!

  2. No garden started here either. It's too wet to till and more rain is coming.
    My strawberries are green again, and I did plant a few more, but that's it.
    Beautiful photos, Sarah.

  3. Hey, send some of that rain up north! :) We're almost in a drought up here.

    We planted out the rhubarb seedlings out last week. Just this morning, we saw little baby asparagus poking their way up. (I'm especially excited for these! Last year, we sold all the asparagus and nothing was left to preserve.) Only one more week, then the broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and other cole crops can go out. A lot of the trees are budding too, but I haven't been to check the orchard yet.
    This time of year is so exciting!

    I love your daffodil pictures. Those are lovely.

    Your farmer's markets must start around the same time as ours. may first is when when of the local ones we attend opens up.


  4. We aren't seeing any green yet, anywhere, but your post is encouraging that it really will come! Can't wait to get in the dirt!

  5. hello sarah,
    beautiful photos from your spring the daffodil!!!

  6. My husband just finished building a raised garden bed for us, and I have tomato plants starting on my window sill. We have planted herbs, zucchini, and tulips as well this year. It's our first year really gardening, so hopefully something will grow! =)

  7. Hello Sarah,

    So glad to see spring blossoming down your way. Despite a little dusting of snow yesterday spring is finally beginning to bud up here in our area. We are eagerly awaiting consistent warm weather.


  8. It sounds like your garden is off to a great start, Elizabeth! This is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it?

    Enjoy the rest of your planting, and I hope your garden does well for you!

  9. I had wondered if you had been able to start yours yet, Mrs. Anne. This certainly has been a wet spring, hasn't it? Hopefully things will dry out for you soon so you can plant!

    That's great that your strawberries are doing well and you were able to plant some more! I hope they produce well for you.

    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them. (:

  10. If I could, I would, Christina! We have a lot more in the forecast this week . . . we have more than enough to spare!

    I am sure it was exciting seeing the asparagus coming up. Hopefully you have a great crop this year! Enjoy planting your first plants this week, and I hope they do well for you!

    I am glad you enjoyed the daffodil photos! I always enjoy seeing their bright cheerful flowers each spring.

  11. Yes, the green is coming, K. Family! I am sure it will be there soon! :)

  12. Thank you, Regina! I am glad that you enjoyed them. :)

  13. How nice that your husband built you the raised beds, Nick's Bride! I am sure you will enjoy using those. It sounds like your plants are off to a great start, and I hope your garden grows very well for you!

  14. Thank you for your kind note, Mrs. B! Hopefully that dusting of snow will be your last of the season and spring and warm temperatures really will arrive and stay soon. :) Enjoy it when it does!


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