Thursday, May 7, 2015

Another Set of Twins!

Aurora's twins, born early Wednesday morning

Tuesday night, Leah and I went out to check on Aurora one last time before heading to bed . . . her kids had dropped, but she had yet to show any other signs of kidding in the immediate future. When I went into her stall, though, things seemed a little suspicious!

While Aurora likes being by people, she is not an affectionate goat . . . except during labor. So when she came up to me, leaned into my legs, began nuzzling and licking my fingers, looking up at me with her big soft eyes, we were thinking that she may be starting labor. Sure enough, after watching her awhile, we saw her have a couple of contractions.

Last year, her labor was really slow so just because there were contractions, didn't mean there were going to be babies anytime soon! An hour and a half later, there wasn't really any change, and she was lying down contentedly chewing her cud. We decided to try to get a little rest before real labor started (and we had the baby monitor on so that we could hear what was going on in the barn.)

I dozed off and on, and sometime around 2:00 am, all was still quiet in the barn, but I thought I should probably go check just to make sure everything was all right. One quick glance at Aurora, and I knew she would be kidding very soon!

Leah is our 'resident goat midwife' so I hurried inside and got her, and within minutes of getting out to the barn, baby #1 was making its appearance. It was a big kid and had one leg back (making it a little more difficult to deliver) so Leah helped deliver it. A few minutes after kid #1 was born, the second one began coming, but there was only a sideways head and no feet. So Leah gloved up, pushed the kid back in a bit, found one of the legs, and then helped deliver that one, too.

Safely here

It was a fast labor once the kids actually started coming, and Aurora and Leah did a great job! Aurora is a seasoned mom and knew just what to do with both of her bucklings . . . and yes, we ended up with all bucks this year!

Leah helping one of them nurse for the first time

Standing! A little wobbly, though :)

One of her bucklings needed help with nursing for the first eighteen hours or so, but by the end of the day, he was able to do it all on his own.

So cute!

So now all of the goat kids are here, and they are doing great! And we are so enjoying them. This is such a fun age! They are really sweet, love attention, and Sierra's are just beginning to get a little playful, too.

One buckling (the one I am holding in the below photo) comes quickly up to the gate to greet us just about every time we go out there. He especially loves attention, and with his cute face, it is next to impossible to refuse. :)

One of Sierra's bucklings

They'll spend a few more days in the barn, and then they'll all be moved out to their pen which is always a fun transition to watch!


  1. Thank you for posting the stories of your goat's births. I love the kidding season! I currently do not have any goats so getting to read your accounts fills in that "missing" part of my spring. :) Your bucklings are so cute! I am glad all went well with their deliveries.

  2. Your goats and you have had a busy few days. Is it unusual to have that many males? Enjoy them while they are still young.

  3. Cute as can be! Great job, Aurora. :-)

  4. Your goats are so sweet! And they look quite huggable!

  5. You're welcome, Sister in the Midwest! I am glad that you enjoyed them. :) I can understand what you mean about missing having your own goats kidding this spring, but at least you can enjoy the process in part through blog posts!

  6. We have, Suze! It is a little unusual to have all males . . . some years are more like that, though!

    We certainly are. :)

  7. Aren't they, Mrs. Anne? And even more so in person!

  8. Thank you, Gina! And yes, they are!


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