Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting Ready for Market

Some weeks there isn't much to do to get ready for the farmers market other than loading the truck up with everything (which still takes awhile!) Today, however, there was a lot to do! It was so pleasant working on all the various tasks indoors with the windows open, a cool breeze blowing in, birds singing, and for much of the day, there was the smell of rain in the air.

Some of the tasks that were done were . . .

Washing jars for honey  . . .

Right before being washed

. . . labeling soap (and while I had all the soap out, I decided to also inventory it, check the weight on all the bars to make sure they were still in my 'sellable range', and inventory the labels) . . .

 . . . printing and cutting more labels . . .

. . . bottling honey once the jars were dry (or as Leah says, "jarring" the honey :) . . .

. . . labeling those, too . . .

. . . making and printing a new sign for the honey (plus a few hive photos, too) . . .

About all that is left would be loading up the truck, but now the forecast for tomorrow has changed to having rain, which for a morning at the farmers market, rain is not a good mix with the soap! Even with a tent canopy, it is difficult keeping the rain from blowing in on the tables and also getting the boxes of soap, etc. in and out of the truck. So if the forecast doesn't change, we'll be waiting to go again until next week . . . and hopefully it will change!

There were some other soap related things done today in addition to getting ready for the market, one of which was packaging up an order and then going into town with Leah to mail it and to do a few other things as well. It's always fun spending sister time together! Even if running errands is not one of our most favorite things to do. :)

This next photo is from yesterday, yet since it fits with the theme, I'll share it here, too . . .


Someone had expressed interest in selling my soap in their local retail store so I put together this sampler set to bring in to show them. I am not sure if they will decide to carry them or not, but it was a good experience! And I think I'll be doing more looking into wholesaling my products to other local businesses.

Well, it's just about chore time so I'm off to take care of the chickens and the Boer does (and enjoy some time with their kids, too. :)


  1. You have been busy Sarah praying that all goes well for you. It's a pity we didn't live closer I would love to try your honey & soap :) Marie x

  2. Your soap looks so very professional, Sarah.

  3. Hello Sarah,

    Praying your market days are financially profitable and soul nourishing.

  4. Thank you, Marie! I wish we did live closer . . . and for more reasons than that, too. :) It would be nice if I could just stop in for a chat with you!

  5. Thank you, Elizabeth!

  6. Thanks so much, Mrs. B!


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