Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mom's Birthday Outing

Birthdays are always special days in our family, and if possible, we like to spend them all together. Yesterday was my Mom's birthday so part of what we did was take a family outing to a local conservation area . . . a favorite thing to do together!

The drive there itself is always so pleasant as the country highways wind through beautiful hills, trees, and open areas.

An old barn along the way

Before reaching the actual conservation area, Dad spotted this Scissor-tail Flycatcher along the road and stopped so we could have a closer look . . .

The day was mostly sunny, with a high around 70 and a breeze. It was beautiful out, and even though the place is a drive-through, we walked a lot of it! As I told Leah, I think I could have walked out there all day. :) It was so peaceful and refreshing!

There were very few people there yesterday, and we almost had the place to ourselves. We so enjoyed our long walks, watching the various birds, and talking and laughing together.

Mom and Leah looking for birds

Love views like this!

And this. :) God's creation is so diverse and beautiful!

The fish were active yesterday! You can kind of see some of them in this photo

Dad and Mom
(I had looked back to where they were and saw them like this and had to snap a photo. :)

Looking back towards where the truck was parked and where Dad and Mom were

Dad took this photo of me while I was looking for little warblers up in the trees . . . there were so many singing their beautiful songs, but it was difficult to find them!

Dad photographing

And one of the photos he captured . . . not sure what this plant is, but it certainly is interesting looking!

Leah and Mom
(Photo by Dad)

Dad and Mom

My sweet sister :)

Leah and Dad
. . . moments like these are ones we all love . . . simply being together and especially when out in the beauty of God's creation

Mom and I
(photo by Leah)

How thankful I am that she is my Mom!
(photo by Leah)

Two pairs of geese with their goslings . . . it was fun to see them!

Another beautiful view

As we were driving back to the entrance of the conservation area, Leah noticed a few snakes down in one of the narrow bodies of water along the road. We stopped there, and Dad and I got out to take a closer look.

At each body of water in the conservation area, there is a concrete area for the pump and a drain for the pool. This snake (which I believe is a Northern Water Snake) was swimming in the concreted area . . .

Dad and I were standing up on the grate that is over the pump, etc., watching the many snakes down in the water, when I looked down below my feet and saw this . . .

There was a whole pile of snakes about four feet below us all over the pump, etc.! (There were a lot more before the photo was taken, but they had already dropped into the water before I took it.) While I find snakes interesting, I do not like them, and that many right below my feet was a little too much! At this point, Mom and Leah came up to see them all, and needless to say, I left. :) Dad and Mom, though, watched them for awhile longer before we headed back home.

Turtles sunning themselves on a log.
It's funny as here we were out birdwatching and none of us even noticed the two small birds on the log! . . . until I uploaded the photos to my computer. :)

We had such a marvelous time together! And it was definitely a special and memorable birthday for Mom. I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful day!


  1. Sarah, you live in such a lovely area. Your day sounds very enjoyable...except for the snakes!

  2. AnonymousMay 20, 2015

    Sounds like it was a special day for your mom and all of you. Yesterday was beautiful, and the photos certainly show it. Yes, I would have left the snakes to their area too. :-)
    Blessings, ♥

  3. Love your photos and your comments Sarah. I don't comment everyday because the arthritis in my hands has gotten worse but I never miss a single day reading your lovely and inspiring words! Love, Miss Lila

  4. It is, Elizabeth! Though just about anywhere out in God's creation is lovely. :) I always admire the beauty in the photos you share!

    Yes, it was!

  5. It was, Mrs. Anne! It sounds like you and I are alike with snakes. :) It's neat to see them . . . but from a distance!

  6. I loved hearing from you again, Miss Lila! Though was sorry to hear that the arthritis in your hands has gotten worse! I am so glad, though, that you enjoy reading every day. It makes posting all the more enjoyable hearing things like that. :)

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

    That looks like the peaceful kind of family times we also love to have together! :)

  8. Thank you, Joy!

    I thought it might be. :) Our families are a lot alike!

  9. What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing your great photos. That's one thing I consider a drawback while enjoying nature--keeping an eye out for those of the slithering type.

  10. Ruth BlumMay 28, 2015

    I love seeing all of your photos and what a special way to spend your Mom's birthday. You all are blessed to have such a close family, one that honors our Lord, sees the beauty in the little things in life, and values time spent together. That's a rare find these days! Oh, and I feel the same way about snakes!


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