Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They're Here!

It was 5:55 yesterday morning when noises coming across the baby monitor (the receiver of which is in the barn where Aurora and Sierra are) got my half awake/half asleep self fully awake and immediately alert. A quick listen, and I knew that the noises were the "pushing bleats" . . . and for anyone who has ever been there for a goat birth, you likely know what I am talking about. :)

I hurriedly woke Leah, and a few minutes later we were heading out the door, kidding kit and towels in hand. Sure enough, Sierra was in labor. About an hour or so later, she delivered two adorable bucklings (yes, she had twins!) . . . it was a picture perfect labor which was very nice! It was one of the few kiddings that Leah did not need to assist at all, as this time, the kids each had perfect presentations and Sierra had no difficulty at all delivering them.

Cleaning her bucklings moments after they were born

It was so fun watching Sierra with them and seeing the little guys learn to stand on their wobbly legs, take those first steps (and face plants into the ground while they learned :), figure out how to nurse, and also figure out how to use their voices. One buckling particularly as he has decided that he likes being quite vocal!

Before they started figuring out how to use their legs

Sierra has been a great mom so far! Though, Leah or I had to stay out there for the first hour or so as with being a first timer, it took her a bit to realize that she needed to be careful where she stepped. 

Still not quite sure about this standing thing!

Later in the morning, the same little guy became quite inquisitive, and he kept coming up to investigate while I was taking pictures. And I found his favorite spot to be scratched - right up by the base of his ears - he loves that!

As I have shared before when writing about kiddings, I don't think I will ever tire of seeing new life enter the world! It is amazing to see . . . and what a testament it is to the wisdom and power of the Creator!

Worn out after much exploring . . . and so cute while he sleeps :)

So that was our early morning . . . but it wasn't all the excitement for the day . . . late morning Mom looked out the window and made a comment about how many bees were out flying around by the hives. A quick glance out the window, and Dad and I knew they were swarming! And we knew exactly which hive they were coming from.

The bees beginning to congregate on a tree - it is quite the sight (and sound!) to be nearby when a hive is swarming!

Hive 4 has always been a huge hive and this year particularly. We had already done a split off of it (to start another hive and to reduce the number of bees in the original hive), and as the hive had looked like they were going to swarm, we had also done what is called an 'artificial swarm.' Basically, the purpose of that is to try to 'trick' the bees into thinking they already swarmed. It didn't work this time, though. :)

After nearly all of the bees had landed . . . and for whatever reason, they went into two spots instead of one which they usually do.

A close-up of part of the swarm

Thankfully they landed down where we could easily reach them (though the tree had to lose a branch in the process), and Dad and I got them put into a hive. Hopefully they'll stay put this time!

Dad with part of the swarm

So all of that made for quite an eventful day yesterday, and now the next excitement will likely be 'round 2' of kidding as Aurora is due at any time . . . and maybe by the end of today we'll have more goat kids!


  1. AnonymousMay 05, 2015

    Sarah, this is my first visit to your sweet blog. I would love to own goats one day. The bees... I don't think I'm that brave! Anyway, so nice to meet you!

  2. AnonymousMay 05, 2015

    The kids are just adorable!! So cute!
    We had goats at one time, but didn't have any kids. We did have sheep and many, many lambs. One of my ewes had triplets, didn't take one, and I ended up bottle feeding it. She was named Gracie, and followed me everywhere. Goats and sheep are similar ~ you can double or triple your flock in one year!
    Bees are so interesting. I've seen a swarm knocked out of a tree and fall into a bucket below. It was amazing!
    Hope Aurora does as well birthing.

  3. Life is certainly full of joys and new life for you and your family. Enjoy the spring.

  4. Apparently May is the bee swarming month, or so I'm told by my brother in law. He had a swarm this week on the farm, and managed to get them into a box. I think I'd be tempted to run!

  5. Welcome to my blog, Gina, and thank you for your kind comment! It's nice to meet you as well. :) I am sure you would love having goats. They are such fun animals!

    I can understand what you mean about bees! At least they are docile most of the time. :) And particularly when they swarm so while we were capturing and hiving them, they were very calm which was nice!

  6. Aren't they, though, Mrs. Anne?! How fun that you had sheep and so many lambs! I am sure that was a lot of fun. Your bottle baby Gracie sounds like she was sweet! And that would have been quite the sight to have her follow you around like that. :)

    Bees are indeed interesting! I don't think I have seen a swarm knocked out of a tree before . . . maybe we should try that method sometime!

    Aurora did great through her kidding! I'll have a post up in just a bit about it.

  7. It is, Suze! God is so faithful . . . things aren't always easy, but He gives so much joy in the midst of the everyday!

  8. It is indeed, Elizabeth! I wouldn't be surprised if we have another one soon. That's great that your brother-in-law was able to hive the swarm that he found. Hopefully it will do well for him!


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