Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Snapshots from the Everyday

Just a few days ago, summer made its official entrance, and it certainly feels like it here! Yesterday the high was in the low 90's, yet the heat index reached 114 . . . all of the rain has made it quite humid! It definitely feels like a Missouri summer. :)

The days have been fun and profitable ones, though! We've all been busy around home with each of us doing various things such as house cleaning, organizing, cooking/baking, inspecting hives, hoeing and weeding in the garden, harvesting and putting up blueberries, cleaning out goat pens, building beehive woodenware, and a host of other activities.

 Leah organizing her candle making area after getting these white shelves today. She is in the process of developing a candle business, and she makes some of the most delightfully scented soy candles!

Mom, the faithful weed puller :)

Our blueberry bushes are producing so well! I have been picking at least every other day and so far, have a little over 8 lbs put up in the freezer, and we've been enjoying fresh ones in yogurt, too. There are still a whole lot to harvest so I may end up turning some of them into either jam or syrup, too!

Another of Mom (and the garden. :) You can see some of the fruit trees in the back, and they are doing so much better after Leah sprayed them with the fungicide

Dad has been building a lot of woodenware for the beehives . . . so far frames and bottom boards (and there is a bottom board in progress to the left of the chop saw.) He has a talent for things like that, and it's fun to use the things that he has made!

As a little aside, can you see the small creature in the above photo? It blends in!

 Very busy bees!

Dad has been doing most of the beehive inspections the last few weeks as when he has time to do them, I have been busy with other things. It was a lot of fun this morning to be able to do some together again! I love being able to do the beekeeping with him, and we both really enjoy it . . .

The two near hives are the ones we were working with . . . it's kind of confusing what all we did, but the short version is we split one hive into two, and then combined a tiny hive with one of the splits. 

As you can see, someone (i.e. *Sarah*) needs to get busy and mow around all the hives again! :) Not my favorite job in the world this time of year since it involves being suited up while mowing as the bees DO. NOT. like the mower. 

 These are the hives we combined using what is called a 'newspaper combine' . . . the bottom three boxes are full of brood, the queen, and worker bees from one hive, and the top box is the now queenless, teeny tiny hive. Between the two is a couple sheets of newspaper which the bees will eventually chew through, but in the interim, it lets the scents from the two hives blend together. By the time the bees are through the newspaper, they have accepted one another and are combined into one hive.

While out photographing the hives (of which we now have 10!), I saw this array of wildflowers and stopped to take pictures of them as well . . . it's such a treat to have so many flowers blooming around our place!

After snapping the first one, I noticed that there were two beautiful Fritillary butterflies on the coneflower . . . .

 In flight

 The story of my life . . . (that might be a *slight* exaggeration :), though I have been doing a LOT of laundry lately! With heat like what we have been having and all the outdoor work being done particularly by my Dad, it doesn't take long at all for the laundry to be piled high!

The beets are almost ready to be harvested and canned! 

Some of the kids lounging in the hay feeder 

 Dad moving two of the big boys to a different pen

This evening, Dad, Leah and I did a bit of fencing work with the sound of thunder rumbling far in the distance . . . yes, more rain on the way!

A female cardinal and a friendly little gray squirrel obliged for a photo

There is something so rewarding about working around our home towards common goals together as a family . . . teasing and laughing with one another while we work . . . enjoying solitude during those times we are working alone . . . having thought-provoking conversations . . . problem solving . . . and then at the end of the day, much enjoyed times around the dinner table . . . sometimes playing music and/or singing afterwards . . . gathering in the living room in the evenings and (sometimes) enjoying homemade ice cream and an old TV western or movie. What a great blessing family is! And I am particularly thankful for mine. :)


  1. It certainly is a busy time of year for you Sarah!

  2. I very much enjoyed this little visit with you. I confess I did NOT see any creature in the photo, unless maybe? a wasp on the wall?

  3. WOW, you have a lot going on!

  4. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Tammy! You are really close on guessing the little creature. :) It is a moth on the wall . . . good eyes!

  5. We do, Terry! Spring/summer are always a busy time of year. :)

  6. I enjoyed my little glimpse of your days, too.
    A lot going on ~ but very satisfying :)

  7. I am glad that you enjoyed it, Alex! :)

  8. I love all of these photos! ♥

  9. Glad you enjoyed them, Joy! :)

  10. It has been a long time since I stopped by your lovely place and it encourages me to see so much beautiful and productive things going on!

    I especially enjoyed and appreciated your post on learning to love homemaking ... I would like to share it, would that be okay with you?

    I cannot remember if I ever got to you and mentioned that my husband and I live in Jefferson City area. I wonder if your family lives nearby? Wouldn't it be fun to be "neighbors?"

    Many blessings to you, Sarah!

  11. Thank you for your sweet comment, Frannie! It brightened my day to see a comment here from you. :)

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post on learning to love homemaking, and yes, please feel free to share it. Thank you for asking!

    Yes, I remember that you live in Jefferson City, and we actually aren't that far from you! I was talking with my sister a week or so ago about how nice it would be if we could meet up with you somewhere sometime if you would like. Maybe after the summer busyness slows down a bit!

    Blessings to you as well!


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