Monday, June 1, 2015

Special Little Visitors

Remember Will from the therapeutic riding center?

This morning he, and his mom and little sisters and their adopted grandma were able to come out to see our baby goats! We had such a wonderful time with them, and the children absolutely loved playing with and petting the goat kids! It was so fun watching them and seeing their excitement and how much they were enjoying themselves. (All the below photos my Mom took with my phone - thank you, Mom! :)

Before they arrived, we put the adult does in another pen so they enjoyed themselves with the fresh graze, and that made it easier (and safer) for the children to freely play with the goat kids. Will, though, liked the mama goats better! And he really liked feeding them through the fence . . .

Quite excited as Aurora just ate some leaves out of his hand

The little girls were in motion the entire time and had so much fun running around with the goat kids! And the kids enjoyed it, too . . . I should have had a camera and taken a video of it!

In this photo, Suzi (the little girl in the center) was giving hugs and kisses to the kid - it was so cute!

After having a thoroughly good time with the goat kids and with each other, we came inside for some cookies that were made yesterday evening and then enjoyed more visiting and time together. It was really an enjoyable morning! Thank you all so much for coming!


  1. How lovely to share the baby animals. I am sure the joy was felt by all.

  2. What a fun time! Truly special :-)

  3. How wonderful that you are able to be so involved in this little boy's life (and the rest of his family, too)! Thank you for sharing this special time with us through pictures.

  4. That must have been such a treat for the little boy, and his family too.

  5. Thank you so much, Suze, Mrs. Anne, Anna and Elizabeth for your kind comments!

    And Anna, you're welcome for sharing. :)


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