Wednesday, July 1, 2015

41 lbs . . .

. . . of produce harvested yesterday!

32 lbs. 10 oz. of beets were harvested and washed and will be canned today (and I'll be starting on that in just a bit!) . . .

3 lbs. 10 oz. of blueberries that Leah picked and that are already in the freezer . . .

4 lbs. 13 oz. of green beans picked which will also be put up today . . .

And so begins the much enjoyed summer harvests and preservation of produce from the garden!


  1. Hahah! That's so much produce! That's incredible! xD
    Praise God for His bounty!

    Our green beans are just starting. I'm afraid within a few weeks I might be disappearing from posting and commenting for a bit.
    I imagine you've reached that point, where all available times goes into preserving during certain points in the summer.

    Happy canning! :)

  2. What a wonderful blessing! I just love all of the vivid colors of you vegetables!

  3. Those vegetables look so amaazing. I shoudl send my youngest to you for home making lessons. YOu would have no beans because she gobbles them raw.

  4. It's really a blessing, Christina! With such a wet spring and now summer, we're grateful for anything we're able to harvest.

    I can understand what you mean about disappearing once green bean seasons starts! Especially with your market garden. :) Yes, sometimes it does get hard to keep up with blogging/commenting during the really busy canning/preserving season . . . we're not quite there yet!

    Hope you have a bountiful green bean harvest!

  5. It is, Sarah! It's fun to have such variety and vividness in colors . . . and hopefully before too long we'll be adding orange and red to the mix, too!

  6. Thank you, Suze! That would be fun if she could come! And I got a chuckle out of what you said about the green beans. :)I have never eaten them raw, but a little girl we used to babysit and who sometimes helped us snap them loved eating them raw, too.

    Thank you for your other sweet comment! It made me smile . . . so glad to hear the progress you are making!


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