Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th of July Berry Pie Recipe

It has been a very full and fun start to the week here! (More about which will be coming in later posts.) With that, here is a quick post with where to find the recipe for the 4th of July pie. I was originally going to post the recipe here, but then realized it is copyrighted. So . . . here's the link to it!

American Berry Pie ~

The only changes we made to it were to use frozen berries instead of fresh (which required the pie being baked a little longer) and used evaporated cane juice instead of sugar. (And Aldi butter and a fresh farm egg took the place of Land O Lakes butter and egg. :)

And to make it for other times of year, simply mix all the berries together and do a lattice crust instead!


  1. Thanks, Sarah. Aldi is my favorite place to shop!

  2. You're welcome, Mrs. Anne! Ours, too. :)

  3. Yay, the recipe! One of my sisters always likes to make special desserts so I showed her the pic of your pie from your previous post and told her she should try to make it next year. A recipe will help tho ;)


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