Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Morning Drive to Market

Several weeks ago, on one of our drives to the farmers market, I brought my camera along. It is a beautiful drive, and this day, the rising fog and morning sunlight made it especially so!

Down the country road

The corn is getting tall. The farmers sure haven't needed to use their irrigation systems this year!

An old grain elevator that is by where an old railroad used to be

The river is high! It flooded its banks in some areas, but thankfully has gone back down . . . for now anyway. With all of the rain we have had this week (quite a few inches and counting), it will probably rise some again. 

And isn't the old railroad bridge neat? At one point, the center portion would raise for barge traffic, and then lower again for the trains. Ever since it was no longer used for trains, it has been in this raised position.

And at the market!

As usual, it was an enjoyable Saturday morning!


  1. Today I saw a test tube of honey for sale in Melbourne, Australia...It was $5.50. Wow. If you could seel honey here you would do well.

  2. Your displays are so beautiful. It makes me swoon! xD

    What's your farmer's market like? They have all kinds and sizes here in Iowa. Some are huge, almost fair-like atmosphere, with attendance in the hundreds for both customers and vendors. Others have a very small local attendance and maybe four vendors. And every size in between.

    We've only attended the small ones. It's really nice because you get to know the other vendors and even the regular customers. It's a great chance to get in conversations with people and be open about your faith. Sometimes I feel like, from an eternal perspective, the conversions and relationships we make at market are a bigger deal to God than how our business does! :D

    Hope you had a lovely time. I just saw on the news that Iowa is headed into a pattern of nightly rain storms again here next week. It made me wonder if you'll be caught up in that too.
    Stay dry!

  3. That must be some special honey, Suze! :) I wonder what Australian honey tastes like? I am sure it is good!

  4. Aww, thank you, Christina! You are too kind. :)

    The farmers market I go to is a smaller one in a small town. While it would be nice to have a little more traffic, we love the small town feel and the relationships we develop with the other vendors and customers since it is smaller.

    And yes, it does give wonderful opportunities to be open about your faith! And I think you are right. While selling products/earning money is important, as in everything our witness for Christ is even more so.

    It looks like your Iowan rains are going to miss us! Hopefully so as we could use a good drying out. :)


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