Saturday, August 8, 2015

An Antiquing Outing

Back in the beginning of July on a very unusually chilly day (the temperature was in the 50's!), Dad was going to go pick up a load of hay. It just so happens that he drives by our favorite antique store on the way, so he offered to drop Mom, Leah and I off beforehand and then pick us up afterwards.

We three had such a fun 'ladies outing' together! (And all the photos are courtesy of Leah's cellphone.)

We meandered up and down the aisles, admiring beautiful pieces of furniture, puzzling over unusual, unidentified items, laughing at some of the humorous things, looking through old books, wondering about who would have used what when and where, and more.

Looking down one of the many aisles

This booth is always full of a wide assortment of items - usually lots of tools and old car parts and things.

Leah's new reading material?
Not exactly. :) She was looking through some magazines when I was going to take her picture so she just picked up the one her hand was on at the moment!

Any guesses what caught my eye here? If you guessed the dresser, you would be right! Isn't it beautiful? It just would need its bright silver knobs replaced with drawer pulls instead (like the one on the second drawer from the bottom.) 

Me when admiring some of the beautiful pieces of furniture and other wood items

By the time we were nearly finished, Dad came in, and we enjoyed going through the remainder of the store together. For a family who really likes antiques (and doing just about anything together :), it was a fun outing for a dreary, rainy, chilly day!


  1. Looks like a fun outing! The other weekend we found a really neat old book store and second hand shop (with a lot of antiques). It was fun looking around.

  2. I could have spent all day there! It's so interesting to see some of the things that I remember from childhood....which are now apparently antiques!

  3. Wow, that sounds like a fun day. You seem to have such a nice family!

  4. So were you able to buy the dresser?

  5. It was, Sarah! It sounds like yours would have been, too. Any place with old books is fun to visit!

  6. I can well understand that, Elizabeth! There is so much to see and enjoy.

    My parents comment on that same thing as well! :)

  7. It was, Fairy Tale! And yes, I do. :) They are such a blessing!

  8. I wish, Julianne! But no, this time I was just looking. :)


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