Monday, August 3, 2015

Creation Conference in South Carolina

Creation Ministries International (CMI) is one of our favorite creation ministries, and over the years, we have been blessed by a lot of their teaching and materials. When my parents found out CMI was hosting a week long conference in South Carolina in July, and it was over their 35th wedding anniversary, they decided to go!

As the day drew close for their departure, excitement was building and preparations were in full force. We had a lot of fun those days, and finally, they were on their way early on a Sunday morning.

The conference started on Monday and lasted through Friday, and it was full of excellent teaching, much fellowship with other people attending the conference, deep discussions with some of the speakers, and more. They had such a wonderful, encouraging, and refreshing time!

And here are some of the photos that they captured during their trip . . .

On their way! With the Tennessee hills in the distance

The view from their motel room in South Carolina

Mom enjoying the vast, beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean 

One day they walked out on this pier and visited with the fishermen that were there. One of which caught a small shark while they were there.

A speaker giving one of his sessions at the conference . . . Dad and Mom said that the sessions were all so good! Mom took a lot of notes, and they brought home quite a few books and DVD materials as well which we have already been benefiting from. 

In the area where all the books, DVD's, and other materials were 

A session by Dr. Robert Carter 

 Having lunch with new friends

Dad out on the beach looking at shells and things 

 The conference hosted a tour at Ripley's Aquarium which Dad and Mom really enjoyed! There are so many fascinating sea creatures there.

Dad photographing (and the two photos below are ones he took.) 

An interesting looking lobster

A few of the many diverse and beautiful fish in the aquarium

Where the conference meals were. Dad is in the center visiting with one of the men they met there. There was a lot of time for fellowship which was a blessing to both Dad and Mom! 

Dr. Russell Humphreys during one of his sessions

Dad and Mom . . . so glad someone took this one of them together!

Mom and one of her new friends 

The beautiful sunrise the last morning they were there. They got up early to enjoy time at the beach together before the conference began again. 

Mom collecting seashells 

She loves the ocean (they both do in fact) and really enjoyed this morning time spent there 

My beautiful mother 

One of Dad's many creative photographs he took . . . it was so fun to look through all of them

Looking from the beach up to their motel

A Palm Tree

The beautiful ocean . . . one can almost feel the fresh breeze, smell the salty air, and hear the seabirds calling and the waves rolling in

 Mom and another new friend walking along the beach

They were so glad they could take this trip, and it was again, a time of such spiritual encouragement and learning, wonderful fellowship and more. Once they arrived back home, then came the fun of hearing all about it, looking at the materials they brought home, seeing all the beautiful shells and treasures they found, and simply enjoying being together again!

As a little side note, CMI is having smaller speaking events in many states through the rest of 2015. Check out their events page to see if one of their speakers will be near you!


  1. What a wonderful place in which to have a conference. Walking on the beach is so calming.

  2. Great pictures of your parents and the beach. It looks like they had a great time. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  3. What an uplifting time for your Parents Sarah
    Please thank them for the pictures
    I so want to walk along that beach it looks so tranquil

  4. Looks like a really refreshing, replenishing trip for your Mom and Dad, Sarah - a wonderful break.
    I always think of the James Taylor song about 'In my mind I'm going' to Carolina' when ever it is mentioned...he makes it sound a lovely place, confirmed by those wonderful coastal scenes you've shared!

  5. It was, Elizabeth! They really enjoyed it. Though, there were so many excellent sessions that they didn't have a great deal of 'extra' time. Hence why they got up early one morning to enjoy the beach! And yes, it certainly is calming.

  6. Thank you, Joan! I'll pass that on to them. :) And yes, they did.

    You're welcome for sharing, and the same to you!

  7. It was, Fiona! And I passed on your thanks to them. :)

    I know that you would love the beach! It is indeed tranquil.

  8. It was very much so, Alex. Isn't it interesting how certain songs are triggered in our minds when we hear certain words? That song sounds particularly fitting with this post; and yes, it is indeed a lovely place. Blessings to you as well!


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