Monday, August 17, 2015

Day at the State Fair

I didn't intend to unexpectedly disappear for awhile! The last week or so was very busy (and a good busy), so much so that there just wasn't time to post. This week is going to be another busy one, but I determined to get at least one post done!

Since the last post . . .

~ We had two more wonderful Sundays with deep and rich teaching and discussion as we continue studying through 1 Corinthians, as well as encouraging fellowship. Plus we had the blessing of new people joining us, one of which was traveling through our area and was able to stop for both Sundays. Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week!

~ Our family also spent a much enjoyed day at the State Fair (which this post will be about. :) While there, it was so nice to meet for the first time a family that is friends with one of the men in our home church. We had a wonderful time visiting with them for awhile and look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

~ Leah and I had two busy Saturdays at the farmers market.

~ A great deal of business work was done with making products and restocking my online store, marketing, and more.

~ Leah and I dug a couple hundred pounds of potatoes today (242 lbs. to be exact!)

Life certainly hasn't been dull. :)

In the midst of last week's busy-ness, we had a day planned for going to the State Fair. This is a yearly highlight for us, and we picked this particular day as one of our favorite events was going on that evening . . . cowboy mounted shooting!

We were up fairly early Thursday morning, got chores done, loaded up the truck, and headed out. We had such a fun and enjoyable day there! And here is a glimpse into some of it . . .

Watching Angus cattle being shown and judged

Watching 4-H youth showing sheep. It was fun to watch them with their sheep!

Part of the time during the showing, I went for a walk through the sheep barn which was enjoyable. This one was especially friendly.

Mom, Dad and Leah looking at the restored tractors

My favorite. :) Really like the Farmalls!

Leah and I looking at the honey and herbs in the FFA building (photo by Dad)

A few of the Budweiser Clydesdales - they are beautiful horses!

Mom and Leah in line in the dairy building to get some ice cream for all of us. A pleasant treat on this hot day! (photo by Dad)

Leah and I on the way to the Home-ec building (photo by Dad)

Some of the many quilts

Smocked dresses and baby things . . . I would love to learn how to do this someday!

A neat antique display (photo by Dad)

Leah and I loved this quilt!

Mom and Leah looking at one of the displays

A couple of times through the day, the Missouri Department of Conservation had a presentation about two birds of prey that a zoo in southern Missouri had brought up to help educate the public about these beautiful birds.

Both birds had interesting stories of how they came to be a part of presentations like this, and it was really neat to see them up so close and interesting to learn more about each species.

The Great Horned Owl (photo by Dad)

Phoenix, the 26 year old female Bald Eagle (photo by Dad)

As evening fell, we made our way to where the Cowboy Mounted Shooting was going to be. We got there in plenty of time as we wanted to make sure we didn't miss the opening ceremonies which are always really neat! First introducing the flags of all the states represented at the event, and then the American flag and the singing of the national anthem.

(photo by Dad)

Then the announcer prayed, even mentioning the Lord Jesus Christ, and one could tell that he earnestly meant what he was praying and had a relationship with the Lord.

At the close of the opening ceremonies, the announcer asked all the veterans to stand and gave a beautiful tribute to them. After working with veterans at the riding center, it was even more touching to our hearts than at previous times. Especially seeing a younger veteran make his way to his feet in front of us, cane in hand. Tears welled in his eyes as the announcer gave the tribute and the crowd clapped in honor of the veterans.

After that, the cowboy mounted shooting began! We stayed for the whole first round which lasted several hours. It was exciting and a lot of fun to watch!

Riding through the course and shooting the first set of white balloons - reds were next 
(photo by Dad)

Another rider on the home stretch (photo by Dad)

This was a great close to an already much enjoyed day!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a really fun day! Great pictures! I hope to go to our state fair this year. ;-)

  2. I am so glad you managed a great day out. Our equivalent of the state fair finished on Saturday. Sadly I could not afford to go this year. It was $23 for em to walk in the gate. I made do with a little local show. I love to visit the hand crafts etc.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks like you had a great family day out Sarah ~ they are such precious times.

  4. Oh, I love going to the fair! I haven't been to our state fair in a couple years, but it is such fun. The photos you shared really captured the excitement of your day. I especially liked the pictures of the Farmalls. My husband just bought a 1940 Model A this spring.

  5. We did, Gabriela, and thank you! I hope you are able to as well. :)

  6. Thank you, Suze! I am sure your state fair equivalent is fun. :) It is quite expensive, though! At least you were able to enjoy the local show, and sometimes those are even more enjoyable.

    You're welcome for sharing!

  7. We did, Marie, and yes, they are!

  8. It is really enjoyable, isn't it, Sarah? Hopefully you'll be able to go to your State Fair again either this year or next!

    How neat that your husband was able to get a 1940 Model A! I'm sure that's fun for him. :)


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