Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ha Ha Tonka State Park

Last week, Mom, Leah and I got together once again at Ha Ha Tonka State Park with our good friend, Joy, and her daughter, Elyse. We had a wonderful day together! First having lunch at a picnic shelter and visiting for awhile, then exploring some of the trails and the 'castle', and at the close of our time together, sitting on benches at the end of one of the trails and visiting until we needed to part ways and head for home.

I'll let the photos (and some words :) tell the story of our day (or at least part of it!) . . . .

The picnic shelter where we had lunch and talked for awhile

Then we were off to hike the "Natural Bridge Trail" . . . .

The Natural Bridge

Joy, Elyse, Me, and Leah


The other side of the natural bridge

On the trail again - this was a fun one!


Me doing one of my favorite things :) 

A wildflower along the way

The first trail

Joy and Elyse . . . enjoyed spending time with you both! 

Leah photographing 

Looking out towards the cliffs on which the 'castle' sits 

The remains of the 'castle' in the distance

Me, Mom and Leah

Some of the leaves are changing colors! Fall is here . . . . 

Leah and Mom on the "Watertower Trail"

And the Watertower

Scenes like this remind me more of the southwest instead of Missouri!

Me, Elyse and Joy

Looking down from the trail

Joy, Mom, Leah and Elyse at one of the overlooks

The view . . . it definitely looks like the Ozarks with all the trees!

The Carriage House 

The remains of the castle

Joy and Elyse

So enjoyed spending time with these special ladies (and Mom, too! [who was taking the picture]) 

There were quite a few of these little lizards scurrying around by the castle. This one was running around the tree away from me and then froze letting me snap this photo of him. 

 Mom and Leah in one of the castle windows

 On the trail back to where we had parked

All in all, we had a much enjoyed day enjoying friendship, fellowship, and so much beauty in God's creation!


  1. You got some beautiful pictures, Sarah! We had such a wonderful time visiting with you ladies! Your friendship is such a blessing! ♥

  2. Your pictures are so cute!! We had such an awesome time seeing you all! I am so thankful for your friendship! <3


  3. What a lovely way to spend the day. Gos bless.

  4. So much beauty indeed. What lovely photos of your region.

  5. Thank you, Joy, for your sweet comment! We had a wonderful time with you both, too. :) Aww, your friendship continues to be a blessing to me as well! Thanks so much!

  6. Thank you, Elyse! I am thankful for your friendship as well. :) We really enjoyed that time with you and your mom! Now we need to make sure we don't wait another year before doing something like this again! :)

  7. It was, Suze! Blessings to you as well.

  8. There is indeed, Elizabeth! I am glad that you enjoyed them. :)

  9. Time for an update? :)

  10. Past time! :) Life has been so busy and full that blogging took a back burner, though I am hoping to get a post up soon.

    (P.S. By the way, your comment made me laugh! :)

  11. Ok, we understand! Life does get busy and yours is so full of good things!
    Just wanted to be an encouragement! God bless! :)

  12. You were an encouragement, 'Everyone'! Thank you! :) I am working on a post . . . hopefully it will be up soon!

    Blessings to you as well!

  13. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog via someone else's... Just wanted to say that you're beautiful, and keep up the good work on your blog:)
    Also, the hike looks like it was a very fun excursion!


  14. Welcome to my blog, Raquel, and thank you for your kind and encouraging comment! And yes, the hike was indeed very fun. :)


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