Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Playing Catch-up

How quickly the last few weeks have flown by! Life has been very full, and in a good way. :) Hence the lack of posting! Here is a glimpse into just some of what has been filling the last few weeks . . .


An evening bonfire and hotdog roast with friends which was fun!

My dear parents and sister :)

Me with a friend's little boy taking pictures with my camera - he really liked doing that!

All of us

Hotdogs roasting


We have had many wonderful days at the riding center . . .

In the arena . . . it is hard to see, but in the center back, I am sidewalking with a little boy on a white pony. I have gone with him every week so far, and it has been special to begin developing a friendship with him!

Me enjoying time with Will's little sisters . . . love these sweet girls and Will, too!

As was Leah!

It has been such a good fall session so far! It has thrilled my heart to see the progress some of my little riders are making, and I have enjoyed many special times with them. Such as a darling little girl breaking into laughs when playing peek-a-boo with her while she is riding. Or as she bends over to us and gives us one of her gentle hugs. Or sweet Will talking, laughing, and teasing with me (we have been having so much fun together!), and more.

Leah and one of our friends at the riding center


Preparing for the winter farmers market (which starts in late November) has been taking a lot of time! I have been making quite a bit of soap in preparation for it. Since the soaps need to cure 4-6 weeks, all the ones I want to bring to the first market need to be made by October 24th. Plus I want to make plenty to extend several weeks past that and for online sales as well.

Soaps curing

Another business related thing is that I learned that shipping restrictions have changed for the United Kingdom so to all my readers from there, I can now ship to the UK!


The local store I mentioned awhile back that wanted to wholesale some of my products decided to carry my sugar scrubs and deodorants! So I made those, came up with a display, and then delivered everything. Here is what it currently looks like . . .


Encouraging and enjoyable Sundays are a highlight of our week! It has been a great blessing to study God's word with these brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are currently going through both Mark and 1 Corinthians which has been both interesting and edifying!


I continue to go to the nursing home and have had many special and memorable times there (one of which was last week when Leah came with!) and a number of opportunities to speak about the Lord and share the gospel with some of the residents.

This dear lady is 98 and I have really enjoyed being able to get to know her! She loves to listen to the old hymns and always has many requests for me to play and sing.


And then of course there is the daily life . . . all the regular day to day tasks, time with family, doing some fall deep cleaning, putting the garden to bed (which Mom has been doing), photographing and listing goats to sell, crocheting, and a number of other things as well.

Aurora and Sierra came up to see me as I walked back up the driveway after checking the mail

Sierra enjoying some fallen leaves I picked up for her 

Dad giving one of the bucks a treat of leaves after his photography session. He's now listed and hopefully will sell soon!

It has been a wonderful fall so far, and I am so thankful for all the blessings that God has been giving! So there you have a glimpse into our last few weeks. :)


  1. Oh lovely. I don't know why it is I always start thinking the worst when no posts appear for a while... is Sarah all right? I start thinking... is she sick? Discouraged? Silly of me really. That looks like a really wonderful few weeks you've been having there. Makes me feel like having a campfire too.

  2. I never heard of a winter Farmer's market. That would be so awesome! I'm assuming it's indoors...


  3. Looks like you are enjoying lovely fall days with friends and family.
    Beautiful photos! Happy Autumn, Sarah ♥

  4. What an inspiration you are! Thank you for the look into your life. (Becky's mom)

  5. I love these snippets you share. It sounds very fulfilling. I have spent the last two weeks sailing around New Zealand. Our Lord is one amazing God. He has created such a spectacular place for us to call our world.

  6. You are so sweet to be concerned, Rena! Thankfully, the lack of posting wasn't due to any of those things. :)

    And yes, they were wonderful weeks! It had been so long since we had had a campfire . . . it was quite nice!

  7. Winter Farmers Markets aren't terribly common, Betsy, and the one here is the first I recall hearing about, too! It is really nice. Mostly it is meats and crafts, but some produce as well. And yes, it is indoors. :)

  8. We are, Mrs. Anne! I hope that you are as well!

    Thank you. :) And the same to you!

  9. You are too kind, Tammy! And you're welcome. :) Hope you all are doing well!

  10. I am glad that you enjoy them, Suze! And yes, it has been. :)

    How fun to be able to sail around New Zealand! Yes, our God is indeed amazing! And He put so much beauty in His creation. New Zealand is particularly beautiful, and I am sure it was quite an enjoyable two weeks for you!

  11. Hello Sarah,

    What a busy and rewarding time you've had during the past few weeks. Congratulations on securing shelf space with a local retailer. Your volunteer work appears to be very enjoyable, you and Leah are exceptional role models for other young adults.

    I'm looking forward to your next update.


  12. It has been, Mrs. B! And thank you for the 'congrats.' :)

    Yes, the volunteer work has been very enjoyable. Thanks so much for your kind words! We are so thankful for this opportunity! Sadly, the last classes of the season were this past week so we're really going to miss our little riders over the winter. But spring will probably be here before we know it!

    Hope you all are doing well!

  13. Looks like you were busy in October! I love the photos of your beautiful soap, and I especially love the photos of you and Leah at the riding center! :)


Thanks so much for your comment! Each one is read and enjoyed. :)