Saturday, April 30, 2016

Garden Planting and Sprinkler Fun

Our garden is finally getting planted! For awhile, one thing after another prevented it . . . first was wet weather . . . then cold weather . . . then Dad began tilling the garden, and the tiller broke.

He did some initial repairs on it, and then Leah replaced the carburetor (like Dad, she is talented at repairing things! Such as our clothes washer which she fixed recently as well.) And then thanks to her . . . the tiller started again!

One of the first things to get planted were the potatoes, so I cut those into pieces this past Sunday, and we planned to plant on Tuesday . . . .

In addition to Kennebec's, we're growing some purple potatoes this year!

In preparation for the planting, Leah tilled up the section of the garden for the potatoes this past Monday. Meanwhile, since we had a sweet little guest who had joined us for the day, Mom was watching him while he played in the sprinkler.

I came out for a bit and took the above photo, and then he asked me: "Sarah, could you please play in the sprinkler with me?" How could I resist? :) Quick change of clothes, and then we had a fun time for quite a long time . . . and at his direction: ran through front ways, sideways, gave the water high-fives, raced each other, and lots more and laughed so much!

A sprinkler break to watch Leah till . . . he was fascinated :)

After noticing a change in the forecast of rain for that evening, we decided it would be a wise idea to plant the potatoes that evening after he left. But when he found out we were going to be planting that day, he asked if he could help plant just a few :) . . . so we did! He helped plant 7 seed potatoes and dug several more holes. He loved helping! And was enthralled with the process.

 Digging another hole

There were a few volunteer potato plants growing in the untilled part of the garden, so we dug those up together so he could see how they grew from the potato piece buried in the ground. His response: "That is SO cool!" (or something like that. :) I love seeing children's excitement as they learn new things and especially about this beautiful, amazing world that God created!

After he left, then Mom, Leah and I got busy planting the rest of them! Three long rows . . . .

 Leah digging holes

Leah digging and me planting . . . as I walked on the moist, warm, freshly tilled dirt, I couldn't help but think of some of the words to the song Sowin' Love: 

"I used to love to walk behind my Daddy,
As he plowed our garden every spring
Our little bare feet in the dirt would make me happy, 
as we talked about what harvest time would bring." :)

Mom taking a break from digging 

We were able to get all the potatoes planted which was a good thing as it rained a lot that night!

Once things dried out a bit later in the week, Mom planted the tomato plants and a bunch of other things, too. It is exciting to finally be getting the spring garden in! And always fun to do so with family . . . and little friends. :)


  1. What a lot of potatoes! My early potatoes are up now...but there are only 10 of them! We don't plant many, just enough. And I have main ones coming on later. It is fascinating to see growth through a child's eyes.

    1. It was/is, Elizabeth! We store them and use them for as long as they'll last. Even now, we still have some from our last summer's harvest!

      How nice that your early potatoes are up. 10 plants should produce a lot for you to enjoy. :) Planting "just enough" is a great idea!

      It is indeed fascinating to see it through a child's eyes . . . and so many other things like that, too!

  2. Wow I wish I had the energy to grow a garden. I love watching your family unite for the common good.

    1. Your comment made me smile, Suze . . . we love working together like this :), and I'm glad you enjoy seeing it. Gardening does take a lot of energy, though it helps that there are four of us to contribute!

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2016

    We haven't started the garden yet!! Nice to see your ground all tilled and planting begun. :-)

    1. Well, it's been chillier and wetter down where you are, Anne! I hope that your garden planting goes well when you do have opportunity to start. :) Ours is almost all in now!

  4. AnonymousMay 02, 2016

    Yay for your garden getting in! It's always such a balance isn't it? Waiting for the weather and ground become suitable vs planting as soon as possible. We spent several hours in the dark last week, planting cold crops before the rain last week. It was an adventure! :D

    Gardening is a place where I've grown to value having other people help. It's amazing how much faster things go.

    Replacing a carburator? I'm impressed. 0.0 Having family members who can fix things are great! :D

    Purple potatoes!!!!! We're trying those for the first time this year. My sister said they're supposed to be a little healthier for you, but I've never tried them. It'll be very interesting.

    I don't blame you for running in the sprinklers. That was one of my favorite things to do as a little one. That's extra blessing of children. They give an excuse for us adults to play and be like children again too. :)

    God bless!

    1. I always enjoy your long comments, Christina! Thank you. :) Yes, there is indeed a balance with finding a good time to get the garden in . . . not too late, not too early, not to wet, etc. etc. What a fun adventure to plant in the dark in order to beat the rain! I love 'out of the ordinary' things like that. Makes life more fun, doesn't it? :)

      Oh yes, gardening does indeed go much faster with more hands! It is so nice that we can work on it together. And yes again, family members who can fix things are great! A youtube video was quite a help to Leah with this repair.

      How fun that you are trying purple potatoes this year, too! Hopefully they'll grow and produce well for both of us. We, too, have heard that they are healthier. Plus they're prettier, too. :)

      When we were children also loved running through the sprinkler as well! It brought back some of those memories when he and I were doing it together. :)

      Blessings to you as well!

    2. AnonymousMay 09, 2016

      Haha, I'm glad! I like writing long commments -- maybe a little too much!
      I have to say your blog is one of my favorites. I don't think there's a problem with using a blog to promote a business. But I enjoy blogs that include real life chronicles, too, and where there's time to encourage one another. Sadly, it seems hard to find blogs like that anymore. :(
      So when I say "Thank you for writing!" I really mean it! :D
      Haha! Youtube! That's what taught me how to crochet, cook, sew, and many things more! xD If I ever have to repair a carburetor, I know where to go!
      I picked up some purple potatoes from the store the other day. I figured, if we were growing them, maybe I ought to taste them to see what they're like. They taste so much like a regular potato, it's a little unnerving! 0.0 Their color is so vibrant!

    3. Your comment made me smile, Christina! Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy my blog so much. :) I know I always enjoy your comments!

      Sounds like you use youtube a lot like we do. :) It's a great resource.

      That's interesting how alike the purple potatoes tasted to regular ones! I wonder if different purple ones have different flavors? The ones I had eaten before had had a uniquely different flavor. But I have no idea what variety they were. And yes, their color is so vibrant!


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