Monday, May 23, 2016

An Afternoon at a State Park

May is the month of my Mom's birthday, and last week, we celebrated! For each of our birthdays, we like to do some special outing as a family, and this year, Mom opted for a nearby State Park. It was such a beautiful day, and although we didn't have a lot of time to spend there, it was thoroughly enjoyed.

With all of the rain we have had, the creeks were fuller than normal, and everything was lushly green. It was so refreshing to walk in the woods and soak in so much beauty in God's creation!

Birds singing in the trees, water flowing, flowers blooming, the sun shining brightly, the laughter of children as they enjoyed the park with their classmates, trees spreading their branches against the blue sky . . . happy sigh. And of course, enjoying time together as a family was wonderful. :)

Leah, Mom, and I right after we arrived (Photo by my Dad)

(Photo by my Dad)

The creek . . . it was so pleasant listening to the water flowing!

The natural bridge which the creek flows through . . . it is so impressive in person!

Mom, Dad and I at the Natural Bridge (photo by Leah)

(Photo by Leah)

Green against the blue

Mom and I (Photo by my Dad) 


I loved this spot!

Looking down a DEEP crack in the rocks to the cave below (it's much deeper than the photo appears)

Looking down the stairs to the cave below

Mom and I went down to the cave, and we're both pointing at something here, but I can't remember what it was. :) (Photo by my Dad)

Down here was another spot that Mom and I both loved . . . it was so lush and green!

It's interesting how the rock on the left had separated

Water flowing in the cave . . . I remember once when going here before, there wasn't much water in it then, and we and the children we were with had a lot of fun exploring the cave and climbing on the rocks. Fun memories!

A water run-off area on a hillside

Leah enjoying the view (photo by my Dad)

Mom and Dad

I'm not sure what these are, but they were pretty

Dad and Mom again :)

Me (Photo by Leah)

Moss covered rocks

Anyone know what this is?

If you guessed poison ivy, that would be correct! It's a plant my siblings and I learned to identify well when we were young as my brother and I were/are really allergic to it!

The pathway leading back to the parking area . . . quite picturesque :)


  1. What a beautiful place to spend a day. It is indeed lush and green with the ferns growing everywhere. But no bluebells, I wonder if you have them in your area? Every bit of woodland here is covered with a blue carpet at this time of year.

    1. It was, Elizabeth! Your woodlands sound so lovely . . . wish I could run on over for a visit and we could go for a walk together. :) There are native bluebells here in Missouri, but I don't recall ever seeing them. They are beautiful flower!

  2. How beautiful. I love how your family makes the time to be together and celebrate the special times. Your world is so lush and green at present.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Suze! I am really thankful for my family. :) Yes, our world here is indeed lush and green! It's been a wetter year which has made it even more so than normal it seems.

  3. What a beautiful park to visit! It truly looks magnificent!! I think the little white flower you photographed is a wild rose. At least that is what we call them here in NY. They smell so sweet! Ours haven't bloomed yet, but I think we tend to be almost a month behind most areas. : ) It certainly looks like your mom had a wonderful birthday!

    1. It is indeed, Sarah! I love going there . . . and so far we've barely scratched the surface of the abundant trails there are to explore. We're looking forward to sometime going on one of the long hikes which would be fun!

      Thanks for the flower identification! I think you're right. :) Well, yours should be blooming soon then!

      Yes, she did!

  4. Beautiful place to enjoy a birthday! Looks like tons of fun! Happy belated birthday to your mom!

    1. It was very much so, Linda! She says 'thank you' back. :)

  5. Katie D.May 25, 2016

    These pictures are all beautiful, Sarah. Your family knows how to spend birthdays well. :) Isn't it so peaceful and refreshing to be around water, such as those gently flowing creeks? I knew the poison ivy right away - I'm allergic to it too. We have those same white flowers on our property, which Daddy calls multiflora rose. It is a pesky, thorny plant, and spreads widely and rapidly. But you are right; they are quite pretty!

    1. Thank you, Katie! O yes, it is indeed peaceful. I love just standing there watching and listening to it . . . or sitting down alongside of it. :)

      Sorry to hear that you are allergic to poison ivy as well! And here in Missouri, there sure seems to be an abundance, doesn't there?

      Yes, I think you're right about the rose identification . . . thank you! They do make lovely flowers, though. :)

  6. JulianneMay 27, 2016

    We were always taught "leaves of three, let it be!"
    Looks like a wonderful outing!

    1. We were taught that, too, Julianne! And it still often comes to mind whenever I see poison ivy. :)

      Yes, it was!


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