Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Life

Beginning Sunday afternoon, Aurora kept us guessing for two days as to if she really was in labor and if kidding was close or not - and hence, not very good nights of sleep those days. :) Yet the 'signs' very slowly increased, and finally, she kidded yesterday morning.

Despite how very slow the pre-labor was, the actual labor went so fast we missed the first kid being born! As in, Aurora was up eating her morning feed and only showing some signs of contractions, so I went inside for a few minutes . . . and by the time I went back out, she had just delivered the first kid!

This is Aurora's fourth kidding and prior to this, she has had five bucklings and one doeling, the latter of which was born her very first kidding. So we were really hoping for at least one doeling this time.

Moments after birth

And . . . as Aurora softly bleated to her new baby, licking it all over, we were quite glad to see that it was a doeling! While mama licked her dry, she was giving adorable little bleats and trying to get to her feet.

It wasn't much longer after this that Aurora delivered the second kid which was also a doeling! Needless to say, we were thrilled. :) (And we were all glad [Leah especially since she is our 'goat-midwife'] that it was a smooth, 'no assistance needed' kidding!)

Aurora licking her second doeling dry with the first still trying to figure out this standing thing

No matter how often I see it, watching a birth and seeing the new life is always exciting and awe inspiring . . . such a testament of the almighty God who created everything!

The first doeling is standing! But still not quite sure about it . . . you can tell by her sprawled out legs. :) It wasn't long, though, before she was figuring out walking. Meanwhile little sister rests some more before she began her own attempts.

Both little doelings are doing really well, and they already love attention! Since these are doelings, we'll be keeping them which means they get names. "Meadow" was the name given to the second doeling, and the first is still undecided with a name hopefully coming soon.

Little Meadow trying to crawl up into my lap

The nameless little girl taking a nap


Now Sierra's due date is just around the corner! And maybe we'll get another doeling . . . we're hoping so!



  1. thewarmfireplaceMay 19, 2016

    New life is so wonderful, we have a wether pygmy goat he is an old boy now having lost his friend Annabel a couple of years ago, I know what a joy it is to watch them play as kids, a joy.

    1. It is indeed, warmfireplace! How fun for you all to have a pygmy goat. We used to have some of those and they were so cute and friendly! Yes, it is indeed a joy to watch them play as kids. Ours are starting to get into their playful stage now which is fun!

  2. How lovely to see that newness when they first try to stand. Your season has started well, Sarah.

    1. Yes, it is, Elizabeth! I always love watching it. And yes, it has indeed. :)

  3. They're so cute! I enjoy the pictures you post of the kids so much! (Especially the playful ones!)
    I bet you're really excited to get doelings after all those bucks. Seems like it's been a long wait. I'm guessing these are the goats from which you get milk for your soaps?
    Do you feel like this breed of goat is less spunky than the small breed you used to have? Maybe it's just their appearance. The brown and white breed of goat looks a bit more mellow and gentle. But appearances can be deceiving! :D
    Congratulation on the new kids!

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the photos, Christina! And more will be coming . . . of these ones and of our other two new kids that were born! Oh yes, we were indeed excited to get doelings . . . and of the two other ones born, we gained another. So three doelings out of four kids! That's pretty good. :)

      No, these goats are meat goat breed and not dairy. Currently I am getting the milk I use from a friend who lives about 5 minutes from us. We used to milk our own dairy does, though!

      Yes, this breed is indeed less spunky and more mellow than the dairy. The dairy had much more rambunctious and playful personalities! So in this case, appearances were not deceiving. :)


  4. They are so adorable!! I am glad everything went well. : )

    1. Aren't they, though, Sarah?! And so sweet, too. :)

  5. Awwww cute in pictures I bet very cute in real life! So glad everything went well and congratulations on 2 doelings!

    1. Yes, they are even cuter in person, Linda! I've got some more photos to share of them soon. They are growing fast, and it's so fun to see their little personalities!

      Thank you! :)


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