Friday, May 27, 2016

Safely Here

As smooth and easy as Aurora's kidding was, Sierra's was just the opposite. In fact, it was our hardest kidding ever save for one several years ago when the kids were so tangled up inside that the vet had to do an emergency c-section right there in the barn stall. (That was quite the experience!)

Anyway . . . last Friday Sierra began active labor, yet before long, things stopped progressing which was a sign that something was wrong. Leah went in and discovered that there was not one, but two kids coming at the same time! She worked for awhile to untangle them and then managed to push the second back enough that the first could finish being delivered.

He was born not breathing and was limp as can be. Leah quickly picked him up by his back legs, gently swung him back and forth, used her finger to clear his mouth . . . and there was no response . . . no coughing, no sputtering, no breathing. She touched his eye, and he very slowly blinked so she knew he was still alive thankfully! She began chest compressions and then switched to using the aspirator.

Each time with the aspirator, his little chest would expand, and eventually, he took a breath. Still as limp as a rag, but breathing and alive. We were all so grateful to God for that! Leah began rubbing him with a towel then, which helped stimulate him and he started moving a bit.

Sierra with her kids . . . she is licking the buckling here

Meanwhile, Sierra had delivered the second kid (a doeling!) shortly after the first, and while she was much better off than the buckling, she was still stressed from the kidding. She wasn't coughing at all to clear the fluid, so I cleared her mouth, toweled her off some, and gave her to Sierra to lick.

Their start was definitely rough (the buckling especially!), and it took them longer than normal to start trying to move around and before they got their suck-reflex. Now, though, they are doing fantastic! (And Sierra, too, thankfully.)

Starting to get hungry for that first meal . . . Leah or I helped him nurse the first few times, and then he was able to do it on his own.

A few days after they were born, both does and their kids were moved out to a small 'holding' pen for awhile and where the kids will soon be trained to electric fence. Once that is done, they'll all be moved out to their big pen . . . .

The newest little doeling whom we named Prairie. . . she was by far the most cooperative for photos

Enjoying some attention from Leah . . . all four goat kids love to be rubbed/scratched!

This is why it is hard to get photos of them :) . . . they want to be so close to us . . . or on us, as Meadow was trying to crawl up me here! 

Primrose and Meadow . . . and a split second later, they were running toward me :)

Sierra's buckling whom we'll be selling. It's a bit hard to believe the start he had with how well he is doing now!




It's so fun to have goat kids again! Leah and I are both loving just going out there and spending time with them. And they are rather entertaining to watch as they are quite playful at this age. Once they grow a bit more, it will be fun to have some more of our little friends out to see and 'play' with them!


  1. They are all so adorable! And I love the names you have chosen. :-) I am also so impressed at Leah's skill with birthing these kids--how did she learn to do this so well? And do you ever have difficulty selling the bucklings, or is there a pretty good market for baby goats where y'all live?

    One more question, not really relevant but seeing Leah I was reminded...does she still plan to open a candle business on Etsy? I love candles!


    1. Thanks, Betsy! Leah is pretty amazing with your skill in this. :) She has done a lot of reading, learned along the way, and then also just has a knack for working with animals. It kind of comes natural for her!

      So far we haven't had any difficulty selling our bucklings which has been nice. There is a good market here for them.

      Yes, Leah does indeed still plan to open a candle business on Etsy. For a number of reasons, she had set aside working on it for awhile, but she is back to developing it again now. She's hoping to have it 'live' in the fall! I'll be sure to post about it when she does. Thanks for asking!

  2. Aw you could never get tired of them could you! So glad the little buckling made it safe - and Prairie is such a good name for the doeling!

    Leah is an impressive lady with her veterinary skills, as well as the way she handles machinery and the like around the place. Between the two of you, you have a fearsome array of skills!

    Have you ever considered making videos of some of the happenings around your beautiful farm?

    1. We certainly don't, Rena! :) My Dad came up with the name Prairie. :) It suits her well!

      I'll pass your sweet words on to Leah . . . I know she'll appreciate them!

      No, I haven't ever considered making videos. That's a good idea! I'll have to try to do that sometime. :)

  3. What sweet little faces! It must be very worrying when all does not go well, but it seems that Leah and you have exceptional skills.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! It is a bit worrying when things like that happen, but thankfully, most times it has ended happily.

      We are gaining some skills with all of these different experiences. :) It helps, too, that my Dad grew up on a farm and is really knowledgeable about these things!

  4. Hello Sarah,

    We've also finished our kidding season. We had a tough one and lost a few kids, the all the survivors are doing well. We also have two bottle kids that we are enjoying very much.
    The photos of the state park are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. It looks like your mom had a wonderful birthday.


    1. I am so sorry to hear that you lost a few kids this year, Mrs. B! That would be hard. Some kidding years certainly are harder than others. Thankfully all your other kids are doing well! I remember those bottle baby days . . . I am sure you all are enjoying them!

      You're welcome for the photos. I'm glad you enjoyed them! And yes, she did. :)

  5. How beautiful and I am thankful that such a complicated situation had a happy ending.

  6. Thank you, Suze! We were really thankful, too. :)


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