Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Company (x 3)

Friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord are such blessings, aren't they? They can enrich our lives and encourage so much, and also simply add fun and enjoyment to life. For us over the last week or so, we have enjoyed special times with quite a few friends who came to visit.


First were friends who traveled out to see us, parked their camper in our driveway, and stayed for a couple of days. We had a wonderful time with them! And it was so encouraging and refreshing to talk with them about the Lord, various scriptural topics, and more.

Our time together was filled with things such as a much enjoyed evening playing music and singing hymns, sitting around their barbecue grill talking while they grilled lunch for all of us (they also grilled a delicious dinner for us, too!), more talking ( and laughter :), having them come out to the farmers market and experience that, and when Leah and I were at the riding center, they all stopped by there as well.

We were thankful to be able to enjoy this time with them!


One of the days while they were here, we had more visitors! Do you remember dear Will from the therapeutic riding center? Will's Mom, Molly, has become a good friend of ours, and we also love her sweet children . . . they are very special little friends!

I just re-discovered this photo . . . someone had sent it to me last year, and I had completely forgotten that it was on my phone. Will has made so much more progress since then!

Anyway, they all came out for a bit to see the baby goats, and needless to say, our time with them was much enjoyed by all!

The kids with the kids :) 

It was so fun watching the children and seeing how much they enjoyed the animals! (chickens and dogs included.) Petting them, giving the goat kids hugs, and Will even gave one of the kids a kiss. :)

Suzi was convinced she needed a baby goat at home. :)

Will and I also had a lot of fun playing 'chase' and throwing balls back and forth . . . .

Run Will! We were having a race back to the goat pen. :) 

We finished our time together with first eating cookies; then me surrounded by Will, Layla and Suzi as we 'played' away on the piano while Leah played on the floor with Sadie and talked with Molly; and finally picking some flowers before saying 'goodbye' until the next time we get together . . . which will hopefully be soon for a fun time at a state park!

(photos courtesy of Molly :)


Monday found us yet again with more company . . . we spent the afternoon and evening together talking, enjoying the baby goats, and then they took us out for dinner. Unfortunately, our evening ended a little earlier than planned as there were unexpected storms on the way, and we still needed to get home and take care of all the animals.

It was quite welcome in a way, though, as our area was very much in need of rain! We watched the darkening sky, listened to the rumbles of thunder, and hoped that it would indeed rain! And it did. Finally! It started raining that evening and rained all the way through the night and well into the next day. A good, soaking rain. What a blessing from the Lord! Already the plants are looking greener and the flowers brighter.

With all of this . . . having company was definitely a highlight of the last little while. :) So thankful for the friends that God has blessed us with!


  1. thewarmfireplaceJune 22, 2016

    The wonderful company of dear friends, there is nothing like it. God bless.

    1. Very true, Sue. :) Thank you!

  2. Oh Sarah, you are a natural with children ~ what a great time those littles had!
    The photo of you chasing Will is just lovely.
    Midsummer time is a special season ideal for company, isn't it beautiful how the long evenings slowly reduce to a magical glimmer of light in the sky?
    It sounds as though you have made some good memories to keep your heart warm in the winter!
    I'm glad you got your rain ~ it is pouring and thundering here as I write, too.

    1. Thank you so much, Alex, for your sweet comment! I do indeed love children. :)

      O yes, midsummer is a wonderful time for company . . . long evenings, the summer sunsets . . . so lovely. (We just have to imagine the mosquitoes away. :)

      Yes, we did make some good memories! I hope your rain was as refreshing to your area as ours was here. Blessings to you as well!

  3. What a lovely time you have had. Dear friends that you might not often see are all the more precious when you get together.
    did you count the goats before the children left? I'm sure they would have loved to slip one into their car!

    1. It was indeed, Elizabeth! And yes, that is so true.

      All four goat kids did happen to be still in the pen once their little visitors left. ;) We were all teasing about one going home in their car with them!

  4. It is lovely to have company and a refreshing break in our days. I am glad that you have been blessed with these visits.

    1. It is, Suze! And thank you. :) I hope you are doing well and enjoying your Autumn!

  5. Sounds like lots of great memories were made, which can be shaken out and reviewed from time to time!:-) You are good at extending hospitality. Do you ever stress out, though, if you get too behind on chores or projects?

    I wS also wondering if y'all are still raising rabbits? That is hopefully our next venture, now that chickens are underway.:-)


    1. There were, Betsy! We still have more to learn with hospitality :), though we sure do enjoy it! It's always such a blessing to have people over and spend time with them. Since we always have chores and projects to do, we're kind of used to it so no, we don't stress about unfinished chores/projects when we have company over. :)

      Yes, we are still raising rabbits. How exciting that you all are venturing into that as well! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      Hope you all are doing well!


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