Friday, June 3, 2016

DIY ~ Making a Chalkboard

For awhile now, I have been wanting a large chalkboard for using on Saturdays at the farmers market, and a week or so ago, inspiration hit! We had an old, marked-up whiteboard (with an unfinished wood frame) that wasn't being used anymore . . . why not turn it into a chalkboard?

During one of our errand running times in town last week, Leah and I stopped at a local craft store, and I got a can of spray chalkboard paint and then some chalk.

That same afternoon, this quick project was begun . . . .

First, I taped around the wood edges of the board with wide masking tape. Then spray painted three coats of the chalkboard paint onto the whiteboard, letting it dry between coats . . . .

All painted

 Step 1 - Done! It was fun to remove all the masking tape and see how it looked :)

The next day, I stained the wood frame with Red Mahogany stain. This stain is my current favorite, and the same one I used on my rocking chair. (And I think I might use it, or something similar to it, on my bookshelf, too.)

Before beginning to stain, in order to protect the chalkboard, I covered it in grocery sacks, sliding them under the crack between the wood frame and the chalkboard . . . .

Stain setting for about five minutes before having the excess rubbed off (and now you know one of our favorite grocery stores :)

It's finished! And just waiting to dry.

Once it was dry and the chalkboard paint had set long enough, too (it needed a minimum of 24 hours), then I rubbed the whole board down with chalk and wiped it off.

So the finished chalkboard looks like this . . . .

I was so pleased with how it turned out! And on Saturday, it was used for the first time at the farmers market!

(I need some practice with my chalkboard penmanship :)


  1. That's perfect! And very resourceful. I'm sure you'll notice an increase in sales as customers can read the sign at a glance when walking by!

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I noticed last week that the sign did seem to draw more people in . . . those further out were stopping, reading it, and then coming up to my booth, so that was good to see! :)

  2. Good job!👍hope it brings more sales for you!

  3. What a good way to recycle! Now people can see clearly what you are offering.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! And yes, it helps a lot with that. :)

  4. Ooh I go to Aldi too, all the way over here in south-western Sydney! And what a clever project you've made. I would have just assumed the whiteboard surface would be too slippery and not even tried. Shows it's worth giving things a go :)

    Congratulations on your beautiful new website too!

    1. I didn't realize there were Aldi stores in Australia, Rena! Aren't they nice? I'm not sure about yours there, but ours here are starting to carry more natural and organic products, too, yet still with their lower prices. Something we appreciate!

      I wasn't sure if the whiteboard surface would work or not, but I decided to just give it a try, and it did!

      Thank you. :)

  5. Hello Sarah,

    What beautiful hand writing you have! Last summer I turned an old metal sign into a chalk board. We use it to keep track of each week's appointments and outside activities.


    1. Thank you, Mrs. B! That's a great idea to convert the metal sign into a chalkboard. And then to use it for that purpose, too! They are so handy, plus they look nice, too. :)

  6. AnonymousJune 06, 2016

    Great idea. Hope it results in lots more sales for you.


  7. AnonymousJune 10, 2016

    It looks really nice and like a fun project! I'm still trying to decide why you rubbed the sign all over with chalk.
    Is it for a more aged look?

  8. Thank you! And it was. :)

    Good question! The instructions on the paint said that in order to break the new surface in, to rub it all down with the chalk. From what I understand, if you write on it before "seasoning" it, you'll never be able to erase fully what is written on it. So that's why it's done. :)


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