Friday, July 29, 2016

Out for a Run

Outside early to beat the heat (though the humidity was 97% so still made it feel warm!) and enjoying a morning run as the sun slowly rose higher in the sky . . . white fluffy clouds drifted across the brilliant blue . . . flowers bloomed along the way . . . and I could hear our rooster greeting the morning enthusiastically as various birds sang in the trees around me . . . (I brought my phone with me this time, hence the photos) . . . .

Looking up our driveway

Zinnias blooming (earlier this year Mom had scattered seeds of different flowers along our driveway)

After the run

Looking down our winding road


  1. How pretty to have Zinnias popping up along your drive.

  2. It is, Elizabeth! This summer with all the rain, the flowers have bloomed especially abundantly and beautifully.

  3. Zinnias are so pretty! I grew some this year that were doing so well this spring when we got so much rain. And now we haven't had rain in about two months so they kind of died. I quit watering them to save water for the vegetables.
    It is nice to get out and run before it gets too hot isn't it? I've technically just been walking the past few months.

    1. They are, Becky! At least you got to enjoy your zinnias through the spring. It's always hard, though, when things dry up and you go so long without rain! Wish we could send you some of ours! We got around 10 inches just in July. It has been one wet year up here.

      Yes, it is nice to go for a run (or walk :) before it gets too hot! Though I have to say, I am looking forward to running in the fall when there's less humidity, too. :)


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