Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Precious Little Blessing & A Renovation Project

10 tiny toes, 10 little fingers, delicate eyelashes, soft dark hair, wondrously knit together . . . an adorable, so very precious little blessing from the Lord . . . .

Holding our friends' sweet new baby for the first time

Thank you all who had been praying for our friend and her upcoming delivery! She had her baby last week and all went well. We met the new little guy on Sunday at our house church, and there was a 'waiting list' of all of us wanting to hold him as he was passed around from person to person to person.

I so loved my times of holding him! Looking into his adorable little face, watching the change of expression flit across it, seeing his little eyes flicker open as he woke from a deep sleep . . . . so precious! I could have held him all day. :)

So that was the wonderful start of our week!

On Monday, Dad, Mom, Leah and I drove down to a bulk-food store to stock up on groceries again. We always enjoy those trips together, both the lovely drive and our times there . . .

Dad, Mom, and Leah having fun together while we shopped

Then Tuesday dawned warm and humid . . . and quickly became hot and humid! The high was in the low-90's with heat indexes above 110 degrees. That didn't keep us and a friend of ours from a major house renovation project, though! He is renovating one of his rental properties so we went and helped him for the day (he's helped my Dad a lot on some projects which has been a blessing to us, and it was nice to be able to help him, too.)

The project for the day was . . . prepping the house for painting! It is an older home and needed all the window trim and the porch ceiling/framing scraped of the loose, old paint and then be brushed off; the window glass and door taped/papered over; parts of the porch papered over; plastic taped over the block foundation; and cracks in the stucco caulked. We spent nearly all day (with quite a few breaks!) working on those tasks together, and little by little, things were crossed off the to-do list . . . .

Leah brushing off the wood trim after she finished scraping it

Mom brushing off the old paint dust/flakes after scraping

Dad caulking while our friend removed the window-air unit 

Me scraping the old, loose paint off of the window trim

It was a big and tiring project, but it was fun to work on together! Particularly when it finally came to the point when he began spraying on the new paint. The part he was able to get done yesterday looks so much better now. Definitely makes all that hard work worth it!

With all of us hot and tired, we finished out the day by going and getting fruit slushes which were a perfect treat to bring a close to our work day!


  1. That sounds like a great project. It will be wonderful to see the transformation when it is finished, and to know that you helped make it happen.:-) By the way, those are such cute tops that you, Leah, and your Mom are wearing!


    1. It was, Betsy, and it will. :) Thanks for your comment on our tops! I had to smile when I read that, as these are just our 'work' ones!

  2. The pic of you with the sweet little new baby is so lovely. I can see how he greatly moved your heart, Sarah. You are such a loving person!
    Wow, that was quite the project on the house, still..many hands get things done quickly!
    A fruit slushie sounds the perfect treat, afterwards.
    I wish we had a bulk buy store near us, or at least one of those stores with bins of dry goods you can scoop. Being veggie, I get through quite a bit of pulses grains etc and they are not cheap in their little packs at the health food store. I do get some from the supermarket, but the range is limited.
    I wonder what you will be up to next? its always interesting to hear about your busy days. Blessings!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Alex!

      Having a nearby bulk food store is indeed a blessing. I remember when we were buying just small amounts at a time, and yes, it is not cheap. Maybe someday you'll have a bulk food store nearby! It sounds like it would be often frequented by you. :)

      What we are up to next . . . well, this week includes things such as making soap, maybe extracting honey, the riding center, canning salsa, hopefully going to the nursing home, and then another farmers market! Part of today we enjoyed visiting our friend and her baby (the sweet boy in this post. :) I was able to rock him to sleep and then hold him for awhile which was precious! Plus time visiting with our friend was wonderful, too!

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2016

    What kind of things do you all buy in bulk? Do you have any food co-ops you're a part of (such as Azure Standard)? It would be nice to have a bulk food store more local to where we are, but the co-op is a wonderful option for us!

    1. Lots of things, Anonymous! Wheat berries, oatmeal, baking powder, salt, herbs and spices, cornmeal, beans, and more. It's such a blessing having access to bulk foods like this!

      While you don't have a bulk food store nearby, what a blessing that you have a co-op that you can get bulk food through!

  4. We don't really have bulk buy stores here, but how sensible they are if buying for a big family. You have all been very busy!

    1. They are indeed, Elizabeth! And yes, we have been just a little busy. :) This week looks to be another very full one!

  5. thewarmfireplaceJuly 21, 2016

    What a dear little boy and so very happy for the safe delivery. A wonderful project to work on and help a friend, with the renovations of the home. I think we have a bulk food store here in the UK, Costco, I think it is called, when one comes closer my husband and I will use it. Sue

    1. He is, Sue! So very precious.

      I have heard of Costo before . . . there are some here in the states, too, but none near where we live. Hopefully one will be built soon that is closer to you so you'll be able to use it!

  6. I would love to visit one of those bulk stores. They don't exist here. I have been to Costco but it is so far from home and I always have to tag along with someone and therefore haven't been able to really explore.

    How wonderful that the little man is here safe and sound. Babies are such a blessing and I am happy that you were able to have some special time with him.

    1. I am sure you would enjoy it, Suze! Someone needs to introduce them to Australia. :) They are so nice! Maybe someday there will be a Costco closer to you. At least you are able to go sometimes to one!

      Yes, we are so thankful that he arrived safely. And yes, babies are indeed such a blessing! Thank you! :)

  7. AnonymousJuly 22, 2016

    Precious photo of you and the baby. :-)
    Looks like a lot of work on a very hot day! Today and tomorrow are more of the same, but next week should be better.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Anne ♥

    1. Thank you, Anne!

      It was indeed. :) Isn't the cooler weather lovely after such a hot stretch of days? (Especially this past weekend!) We're so enjoying it here as I am sure you are, too. I hope you enjoy your week as well!

  8. Hi Sarah, this is Hunter from the Denver area, and this city boy with a country heart is blessed by your blog.
    Have a good day.
    yours in Christ,

    1. Glad it has been a blessing, Hunter. :)

  9. Dear Sarah...
    What a joy to discover your beautiful blog...I saw your comment on Lilacs and Springtime and well, I just had to come on over!
    Oh, what a precious blessing to have held a new baby, your friend's sweet boy! We are enjoying our little baby boy, the first brother after six girls {am the eldest}.
    I hope to visit again very soon...we dound quite similar in that I too am a country girl and ''farmer'' and I also run my own home business...what a blessing to be a daughter at home!
    Have a wonderful day...blessings!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Kelly-Anne, and thank you for your sweet comment! I am glad you stopped by.

      It was indeed a precious blessing to be able to meet and hold our friends' new baby boy! It's been so special to spend more time with him since then, too. Congratulations to your family on your new little brother! He is adorable! (I saw pictures on your blog. :) Any new little one is such a blessing, though even more so to have a brother after six girls. I am sure you all are so loving him!

      It does sound like we have a number of similarities, and I enjoyed visiting your blog! The items you make for your Etsy store are lovely. You are talented! I look forward to visiting your blog more in the future.

      I hope that you have a wonderful day as well!


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