Saturday, August 13, 2016

Visitors and Visiting

Wednesday morning . . . freshly made blueberry muffins sitting and waiting on the table, the house clean and quiet, and anticipation in the air for the arrival of a new friend and her one year old daughter.

Leah and I had met Nathana at the farmers market recently and had pleasant conversations with her there. That was followed by visiting each other's blogs, finding we had quite a few things in common (for example, we both like crocheting, canning, sewing and gardening), and then Leah and I had the pleasure of having her out to our place.

What an enjoyable morning it was! We talked (a lot!) about a great many things, had muffins, played with Rebekah and had fun with her (she's a little sweetheart :), went out and saw the rabbits and goats (and petted the kids), talked some more, and then said goodbye until next time.

Thanks so much for coming Nathana and Rebekah!

(I had fully intended to take a photo or two while they were here to share, but alas, completely forgot!)


So that was our visitors. :) The next day, we went visiting ourselves! We made the 45 minute drive to our friend Meagan's house (the one who recently had the baby boy) with a casserole in tow and looking forward to a much enjoyed afternoon with her and her precious baby. Time with her is always so encouraging and refreshing! We talked about all sorts of things . . . the every-day mundane, homeschooling, some doctrinal/scriptural things, and more.

And of course, we got some very much enjoyed baby holding time in. :) (Sorry for the poor quality phone photos!)

Leah loving her time holding and talking to him 

He was giving us grins here! It's so fun to see him growing and changing and his little personality developing!

What a blessing friends are . . . we are so thankful for ours!


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    1. He is indeed, Anne! Yesterday during our church, I had the pleasure of holding him during the whole teaching time which was much enjoyed . . . he is so precious!

  2. Thank you for blessing our life with friendship as well! We had such a wonderful time visiting and getting to know you more! Rebekah loved seeing the animals! And no worries, I forgot to take pictures too--and I even brought my camera!

    1. You're very welcome, Nathana, and thank you! We are so glad you enjoyed that time. We certainly did. :) That's funny that we both forgot to take photos! Especially since we both blog and like to have photos for our posts. We'll have to remember next time!

  3. Sounds like two wonderful visits! :)


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