Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fun Spontaneity

Last week, Dad and Mom took a trip up to Nebraska to visit Grandma and Aunt Marci (my Dad's Mom and sister) and had such a special and good time with them. Meanwhile Leah and I took care of things around here. We had busy days with things like all the animal chores and business work!

One day, though, we needed to run some errands in town (getting feed, mailing out orders, etc.) and decided to combine that with a hike at a state park right close by. While not quite the Rocky Mountains :), we had so much fun there! Even despite the mosquitoes . . . there were gazillions of them. And that's not much of an exaggeration. :)

The first part of the hike, they were so abundant that we walked quite fast as we found that prevented them from biting. We were only stopping very briefly to look at something, take a photo, etc. It was quite entertaining! As we went on, there were fewer and fewer of the pesky little creatures, and we slowed down our pace.

Sunlight filtering through the trees with the creek down below

The hike is 2.5 miles and is estimated to take 1 hr. and 45 min., but we did it in less than an hour. Largely thanks to the mosquitoes. :)

We had to laugh at this sign . . . great directions, eh? 
(By looking at the map, then we could see that the arrow pointing to the right was simply to a short exit/entrance trail to the main trail.)

There were so many pretty little wildflowers blooming! 


A terrible photo, but it shows the Pileated Woodpecker we were able to see! A rare treat. There were so many birds flitting through the trees and calling/singing which added to the enjoyable atmosphere. 

Mosquito haven :) 

There has been a lot of rain here in Missouri so the trail was pretty wet, places of it were washed out (making it a bit difficult to see where to go at times), and the creek that the trail crosses was higher than normal. Which meant taking off shoes and socks and wading!

Laughing, teasing and enjoying it all, we had so much fun here wading in the water, watching the little minnows, and more.

The water felt so good! 

Looking up the creek 

Colorful leaves floating downstream 

Eventually, we left the water behind and proceeded on our way . . . .

The rocky trail

Going up into the hills

Leah taking a picture of some asters 

More asters

We finished out our hike hot, sweaty, and happy (oh yes, and a little itchy, too!) It was so fun to squeeze in this much enjoyed little outing into our week! 


  1. A lovely day...despite the mosquitoes!

  2. This looks like such a lovely trail! I am sorry to hear there were so many mosquitoes, but am glad you enjoyed your time despite them. : )

    1. It is, Sarah! We love going on it. Next time, we want to take it 'backwards' and get a different 'view'. The mosquitoes just added to the adventure! :) Next time, though, we'll wear a repellent. That would make it a little more enjoyable!

  3. Glad you and Leah were able to make more sweet will enjoy talking about it for years to come.... especially the mosquitos!!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes, we will. :) The mosquitoes definitely add to the memory!

  4. The parks are just beautiful right now, and the weather is delightful. I'm headed to two festivals at the parks this weekend. :-)
    Thanks for sharing your day ♥

    1. They are, Anne! We're looking forward to getting out again sometime soon. The weather is simply lovely! How fun to go to two festivals! I hope that you enjoyed those. :)

      You're welcome!

  5. Such peace and beauty ...the water looks so inviting.
    Hope your bites have settled down a bit by now.

    1. There was indeed, Alex . . . and yes, the water was. :) It didn't take long for the bites to quit itching thankfully!

  6. It's been such wonderful weather up in Iowa. Has it been nice there too? It's so hard to stay indoors during fall. I can't blame you for hiking.
    This is what I love about God's creation. Things like the Rocky Mountains are breathtaking. Yet, the small yard out your background contains so much of God's glody too. It's never hard to be in awe of him.
    I remember living in the big city growing up. God's glory was amaizing, even if the only places to see it were in a small puddle, a few leaves, and a star or two at twilight. HIS CREATION IS AMZING! (How much more is the Creator amazing?! I can't fathom it.
    Pileated Woodpecker... Is those the really giant ones? My hubby saw one once in north of our city. He never forgot it.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. It has been wonderful weather here, too, Christina! I am sure you enjoying yours. :) It is hard to stay indoors this time of year! One wants to be outside soaking it all in before winter comes.

      Oh yes, no matter where you are in God's creation there is beauty and a reflection of His glory. While I absolutely love the mountains, I love Missouri, too . . . there is so much to see and enjoy here!

      What neat and good perspective you had during your time living in the city! So true. His creation is indeed amazing!

      Yes, the Pileated Woodpeckers are the largest ones. How neat that your husband saw one!


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